Custom Dressage Shadbelly

3-steps to a custom Equiline Shadbelly

Update From July 1, 2018

As of January 1, 2018, we do not offer the Custom Equiline Shadbelly. Our customers now prefer the fully customizable dressage shadbelly by Lotus Romeo.

Design My Custom Shadbelly


Custom Equiline Shadbelly

Now you can easily design your custom Equiline Shadbelly. This is the most popular tailcoat in the international dressage ring. More and more grand prix dressage riders are opting for the custom shadbelly. Head on to this page to see our past custom dressage tailcoats by Equiline.


Fill out the relevant information in the form below. This will help us get a preliminary idea. Do not worry about accuracy here. We will double (and triple) check everything before we proceed. If you are unsure of size or would like to see the color options in person, we can arrange that. Please give us a call/text message at 561-228-8883. We will make sure the size fits you and you get to try the shadbelly before ordering.

What does it look like?

We have several pleased customers for the custom Equiline Shadbelly. Head on to this page to see our past custom dressage tailcoats by Equiline. Check out the full gallery of custom Equiline Cadence Dressage Tailcoats.

How much does it cost?

The Base Price of the Equiline Custom Shadbelly is $1275. There is a Fixed Customization Fee (by Equiline) of $76.80. The Special Collar and Points is $43.80. Piping costs vary between $17.40 and $41.40. All in all, the price is approximately $1497 to $1523. We offer FREE Shipping to all our customers based within the US.

Delivery Time:

6 to 8 weeks. (we have seen much shorter delivery times, sometimes even 4 weeks).