Dress up your Samshield Helmet with The Swarovski Shield Top

Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option

Samshield introduces yet another exciting way to personalize your custom helmet. Now, you can add the iconic Samshield logo on the back of your custom Samshield Helmet. Click here for the Custom Samshield Helmet Designer tool to start creating your own helmet. If you need inspiration or ideas, check out the gallery of custom Samshield …

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How To Measure for Freejump Half Chaps

Freejump has made a big splash at this year’s WEF circuit (WEF 2014).  The Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups were sold out three separate times during the 12 week circuit. However, the Freejump Liberty XC Boots and Freejump Liberty Boots, were immensely popular among the WEF crowd. A lot of riders came in asking for …

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