Embracing Your Breeches

Accademia Italiana Knee Patch Breeches in Military

Every rider needs a pair of breeches that they are truly excited to wear! Accademia Italiana is responsible for creating a line of quality equestrian wear! This Italian brand has designed and manufactured breeches that are sure to appeal to every rider. Each model possesses a completely unique style and structure. These breeches are designed …

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What Makes a Custom Show Jacket

Equiline Custom Show Jacket

What is a Custom Show Jacket? Everyone loves the idea of a customized product, but what is it like to truly make something your own? With the superior style?and professional design?of Equiline Competition Jackets, you are guaranteed to learn the true meaning of customization! You can learn to make one of these?show coats?your very own, …

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The case for riding socks

During the last few years, we have seen how specialized apparel has become a large part of the riding gear. While the effects of wearing properly fitted, comfortable breeches are well known, not many people think the big role played by riding socks. On the outset, it would appear that you can just wear about …

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Show Jumping Breeches – New Styles and Fabrics

The riding clothing market is undergoing a transformation. The introduction of technical fabrics to rider’s clothing has been a major contributor. No More Velcro A few years ago, all you saw is Velcro lined breeches for the ankle closure. Today, that trend has been largely replaced by flexible sock bottom made of technical fabric. Not …

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