Canvas Riding Boots – Freejump Innovation

Freejump Canvas Riding Boots

Trust Freejump to continue innovating. When most boot companies settle after their products have become successful, Freejump constantly innovates. From their disruptive Fly One boots to Freejump Liberty Boots and now Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots, they continue to design and produce exciting changes to their line-up. Who would have imagined canvas riding boots? Although a …

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Tucci Dressage Boots now available at TACKNRIDER

Tucci Boots Store Display - Front

When it comes to tall boots, there is one brand that is better respected than others. That brand is Tucci. Tucci has consistently made the best riding boots. Their expertise in manufacturing riding boots is unparalleled. Tucci boots are comfortable, stylish and built to last. That is why TACKNRIDER is proud to announce our new …

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How To Measure for Freejump Half Chaps

Freejump has made a big splash at this year’s WEF circuit (WEF 2014).  The Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups were sold out three separate times during the 12 week circuit. However, the Freejump Liberty XC Boots and Freejump Liberty Boots, were immensely popular among the WEF crowd. A lot of riders came in asking for …

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