Flex On Stirrups: Shock Absorbing Stirrups For Everyone And Every Discipline (Show Jumping, Hunter, Dressage, Eventing)

About 4 years ago, a little know brand called “Flex On” from France arrived on the equestrian stirrups scene. Over the last 4 years, we have seen Flex On completely revolutionize the stirrups space. We were proud to introduce this innovative brand to USA.

Flex On’s promise was to relieve the fatigue and soreness often experienced by riders (particularly those that ride 6 to 10 horses daily). However, that group is not exclusive. There are lots of riders with injured ankles, tired knees and backs.

To that end, Flex On has delivered on its promise. We have several customers that attest to the reduction in pain and soreness (in their knees, ankles and lower back), after switching to the Flex On Stirrups.

Initially, Flex On introduced the Composite Stirrups and the Aluminium Stirrups The simplicity of the stirrups was striking, in that they looked like normal and traditional stirrups. However, under the footbed of the stirrups, the specially designed elastomers provided the greatest degree of shock absorption. This was a new concept. It took us about a year or two to educate the consumers about the genuine benefit of this technology. From the start, the early-adopters were sold on this concept because it worked! This was not a gimmick. It was proven and tested science at work.

Next came the Aluminium version of the same stirrups. Everything stayed the same with the stirrups, with the exception of the frame . The frame is constructed of Aluminium versus Composite material. These stirrups are available in 3 different colors: Silver, Black and Grey. The shock absorbing performance of the Aluminium stirrups is the same as that of the Composite Stirrups. The Aluminium vs Composite comes down to personal choice and aethetics.

Hunter Approved Stirrups – Classic Stirrups with Shock Absorbing Technology

Not satisfied with their extremely popular show jumping stirrups, Flex On created the “Hunter” stirrups. Two years ago, they introduced the “Hunter” Stirrups with the same shock absorbing technology.

Shock Absorbing Stirrups for Junior Riders (Children’s)

Flex On has produced an exciting new stirrups for junior riders. This is a one of a kind stirrups. Especially designed for children, these stirrups feature the hallmark shock absorbing technology along with Safety. The stirrups are designed to release in case of a fall or accident. We have them in all Black version. Black Frame with a Black Outer Safety branch.

Custom Shock Absorbing Stirrups

If all Black or Silver stirrups are too boring for you, you can always customize them as much as you’d like. What can you customize?

  • Color of the frame
  • Color of the shock absorbers
  • Incline of the Footplate
  • Magnetic Stickers (Flags, colors, patterns etc)

Personalize Your Flex On Stirrups

Whether you ride for fun or competition, you can easily personalize your existing Flex On Stirrups. For the Flex On Green Composite, Flex On Aluminium Stirrups, Flex On Safe On Safety Stirrups, we offer the full range of magnetic stickers. You can simply replace the magnetic stickers easily.

Questions? We are here to help.

We hope this post has helped you in answering your questions about the full line of Flex On Stirrups. Flex On has quickly become the most innovative name in show jumping (and now hunter) stirrups. It has the biggest portfolio of options to suit everyone’s needs. The best part is the bevy of customization options for their stirrups.

Do you have any specific questions? Do you have any feedback on these stirrups? Own these stirrups, love them? Let us know in the Comments below. We love to hear your feedback.

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