Gift Ideas for Riders

Black Friday is here. Its the official start of the holiday and gift season. Have you decided what gifts you will get for your rider friends and family? Stress no more. We are here to help, with just in time, gift ideas. Here is a quick list, you can use as a reference. These gifts have been hand picked by our experts for novelty and usefulness. We have categorized the gifts by gender. Gifts for her can be found here.

Gifts for Her

1. Dimacci Reversible Leather Belt

There are a few things that are better accessories than belts. The Dimacci belt offers 2 belts for the price of 1. With its easy reversible mechanism, she can easily mix and match the belt(s) to the outfit. Lots of color choice abound here. Shown below are some pictures of the different colors.


Click here to buy the Dimacci Reversible Belt. 

2. Tucker Tweed Dressage Tote Bag

This tote bag is a favorite among the dressage ladies. With classic soft leather and the iconic dressage rider, this bag is unique and sexy, all at the same time.  It comes in a few different colors. The Black is a classic and a safe bet.


3. HKM Toskana Bag

Yet another handbag that impresses. This bag is part of the HKM Toscana collection. Vibrant colors make this bag always looking fresh and sporty. A simple, no frills but very useful bag for the busy rider!


4. Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody Bag

Guys, pay attention here. If your significant other is a show jumper, this is “the gift” for her. You will receive accolades for being so thoughtful and knowing what she likes.


5. Anna Scarpati Cap Holder Bag

Every rider wears a hat (aka Helmet). If not stored correctly, helmets wear out faster. This bag prevents the hat from damage. Not to mention, the dressage rider may appreciate the beautiful bling on this helmet bag.


6. HKM Palermo Flower Full Seat Breeches

Breeches means “Riding pants” for those of you that do not ride. It is what you wear when riding. These are the latest fashion breeches from HKM. At $169.95, these are priced very attractively. If she likes something unique and different, this is the gift for her. Make sure to know her size before hand. Breeches go mostly by waist size.


7. HKM Virginia Full Seat Breeches

Does she like denim ? Does she like Jeans? If the answer was Yes, the HKM Virginia Full Seat Breeches makes a fitting gift. These are our most popular denim breeches ever. We have sold so many of these that these have become the de-facto denim breeches.

hkmvirginia1hkmvirginiahkmvirginia2977_3hkmvirginia2977_3 hkmvirginia2977_3


8. Fior Da Liso Kyra Shirt

When these shirts were introduced last year during the 2012-2013 dressage season, they sold like hot cakes. The shirts look so good that our customers would return to buy all the other colors and patterns. Perfect for the night out, this shirt says “elegance” and “class” like no other. Quick Tip: Ask her to leave the top two buttons undone for a flirty look.


9. Fior Da Liso Carina II Shirt

Same as above, except this one this button down, double collar.


10. Roeckl London Gloves

These are the latest in riding gloves. No other riding gloves offer touchscreen compatibility. Now, you do not need to take your gloves off to use your smartphone and/or tablet.


Gifts for Him

1. Goode Rider Mens Authentic Polo

Goode Rider makes some good looking shirts, particularly for men. This is a nice polo that can be used while riding and even casually. With a sharp blue/white contrast stitching pattern, this shirt delivers stunning looks and a good fit.


2. Tucker Tweed Dressage iPAD Cover

For your dressage rider guy, this is the ideal gift. He will find this extremely useful, as it provides a classy leather cover for the iPAD.





3. Bradys Captain Holdall Bag

Perfect bag for those short trips. Fits in the carry-on requirements for most airlines. This bag is made from soft, sturdy leather. It comes in a classic Chestnut color.


4. Freejump Riders Bag

This is the classic and stylish bicycle messenger bag. It stores a laptop easily and some more goods. With a stylish back-sack design, this bag makes the ideal gift for the Freejump Rider.

fjridersbagblack fjridersbagwhite fjridersbag

5. Schockemohle Dressy Belt

This classic belt perfectly complements his formal attire. The belt makes a statement and is classy at the same time. It comes in two color choices: Black or Tobacco.


6. Kingsland Classic Show Socks

These socks are the most popular riding socks in the Wellington circuit. A pack of three contains one pair each in Blue, Brown and Black. The socks come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.




That is our list. What are your ideas? We would love to hear from you. Let us know what works and what does not.


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