With the COVID19 crisis gripping the nation, we had to make the difficult decision to close our brick-and-mortar store in Wellington. In addition, WEF2020 came to an early end after Week 10 (vs 12).

We would like to remind all our customers that safety is our top priority. In such unprecendeted times, we are better off erring on the side of caution. As a result, we are heeding all the guidelines from WHO, CDC along with the state and local health agencies (including the Village of Wellington).

We have assembled a list of questions that you may have for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still processing and shipping online orders?

Yes, we continue to fulfill online orders. We are trying our best to maintain the same speedy shipping you have come to expect of us. However, please note that carrier delays are outside our control.

Can I still place an order via phone?

Yes, you can call or text us at 561-228-8883 (Prashant) or 954-383-1599 (Amit). We appreciate your business.

Can I get better pricing because of these restrictions?

Please note that we are a small business. Just like any other small business, these are hard times. We kindly request you to not ask for any discounts/deals. We hope you will support your favorite tack shops.

Are you still taking orders for custom helmets?

Yes. Whether it is custom KASK or custom Samshield helmets, we are still taking orders. Link to each of the configurators appears below:

I would like to order a custom short jacket or a custom dressage shadbelly. Can I still do that?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us in case of any questions. Links to configurators are below for your convenience.

What about an order I placed back in Jan/Feb/March?

We will keep you informed on the status of your orders. If you ordered a custom helmet (be it KASK or Samshield), please note that there is additional delays because of worldwide lockdowns. As soon as we have specific information for your order, we will pass it along.

I placed an order for a pair of breeches/shirts etc during WEF. When can I expect it?

We will keep you posted, preferably via a text message or send you a DM on Instagram.

Can I cancel an order that I have not received?

You are always welcome to cancel your order. However, we would appreciate your support in these trying times. Please bear with us as we navigate through these tough times.

If I ordered something that shows “In Stock”, how soon can I receive it?

In almost all cases, “In Stock” items are shipped either the same business day or the next business day. That has not changed.

What if I want to Return or exchange?

Please contact us via phone or email. We will be glad to help you.

Can I visit the Wellington store?

For now, (until further notice), the store is closed pursuant to the directive from the State Of Florida and Village Of Wellington. As soon as the directive changes, we will re open the store. Information on Google, Facebook and Instagram will be posted.

I still have product or shipping specific questions. Can I ask them ?

You can always contact us via the Facebook Messenger Chat widget on our website. There are no bots on the other end. We will try to answer your questions as best as we can.

When do you expect “Product XYZ” to come back in stock?

May we request you to kindly send us a direct message specifying the product in question? Then we can assist you better.

Are you still able to ship orders?

Yes, we are processing phone/text and online orders as usual.

What precautions are you taking against the spread of COVID19?

As soon as WEF 2020 was ended early, we have closed our store. Despite the fact that this step hurts our bottomline, our customers’ safety and well being comes first. Furthermore, we operate with masks and gloves all the time. The common areas in our store are periodically wiped with anti-bacterial wipes.


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