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Introducing De Niro Paddock Boots – Stylish, Comfortable and Light weight

DeNiro Paddock Boots – Made In Italy

Ever wanted something more out of your paddock boots? You wear them everyday, all day long sometimes. Some boots are for mostly looks, other are for high performance, some provide better protection against the elements.

There are quite a few brands of paddock boots available. From the Ariats to Freejump, there is no dearth of paddock boots manufacturers. Why then would we introduce another brand of paddock boots, you ask.

About De Niro

The answer is simple. DeNiro Boot Company has been around for a while. In fact, they started manufacturing boots in 1981. When I say manufacturing, I mean in-house manufacturing, not overseas in some third party factory in China or India. ┬áThat is right, DeNiro Boots have and continue to be proudly Made In Italy. To this day, DeNiro produces handcrafted boots at its own factory, located in Lecce in the heel (no pun intended) of Italy. Who knows boots better than Italians ! They make some of the finest and sturdiest boots across the shoe industry. They claim to be “the most copied in the world”.

De Niro Paddock Boots are now available

See for yourself why this may be true. Here is a sneak peek at the new Paddock Boots by DeNiro Boot Company.

DeNiro Boots offer advanced Water Resistance, thanks to the Water Resistance Advanced Treatment (WRAT). The leather used in the WRAT treatment allows sweat in the form of water vapor to breath out. This prevents the water from outside to enter the inside of the shoe. Meaning your feet stay hygienically dry. The leather is antibacterial and absorbent. A series of micro holes are made on the leather insole to allow the ventilation.

DeNiro Paddock Boots Sole
DeNiro Paddock Boots Sole

The midsole is in totally natural leather, with a high sweat absorbent power. The rubber sole is an effective antislip and keeps maximum security and adherence, even under extreme conditions.

DeNiro Paddock Boots Close Up
DeNiro Paddock Boots Close Up

Italian styling at its best.  The YKK zipper provides a firm zipper. Special gel inserts on the ankle sides provide superb ankle protection.

Best of all, our introductory price of $189 makes these a great buy just in time for the new season. Where else can you get quality, Italian riding boots for under $200!

We are introducing these new riding boots, just before the start of the new season. So do not delay….order yours for only $189.00 today at TACKNRIDER or stop by the store anytime to try them.

Stay tuned for more new products coming soon!

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