Presenting Miss Shield, Samshield’s wide brim helmet

The much awaited Miss Shield Helmet by Samshield has just arrived into the United States. To be precise, it made its landing exactly 2 weeks ago at the end of week 3 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington.To say the helmet is spectacular and breathtaking in the same instant, would be an understatement. While we were not sure from looking at the pictures, this helmet is beauty defined. When it comes to wide-visor helmets, the Miss Shield family of helmets is the new gold standard.
The aim of this post is to educate you about this new helmet from Samshield. We try to answer the most common questions that you may have. If you have other questions, feel free to Contact Us.

What makes the Miss Shield so beautiful?

There have been a few viable options for wide-brim helmets, including the KASK Star Lady Helmet, the GPA First Lady and KEP Cromo Polo Peak Helmet. Both these helmets offer superior sun protection compared to other helmets. The KASK Star Lady helmet is available in a chrome trim as well as a matte trim (KASK Star Lady Shadow). Both the KASK Star Lady helmets have been popular in the jumper and hunter ring. The KASK Star Lady Shadow Helmet is particularly popular among the hunter riders for its plain and matte look. Samshield has previously released a clip-on visor for their existing helmets. The visor is made exclusively for Samshield helmets. It fits on both the Shadow Matt family of helmets as well as the Suede Alcantara Premium family of helmets.

Samshield Miss Shield Shadow Matt Helmet in Navy
Samshield Miss Shield Shadow Matt Helmet in Navy
Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top - Black
Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top – Black



Samshield Miss Shield Premium Helmet with Crystal Fabric Swarovski
Samshield Miss Shield Premium Helmet with Crystal Fabric Swarovski
Samshield Shadow Matt Miss Shield with Flower Leather
Samshield Shadow Matt Miss Shield with Flower Leather

The Miss Shield has exceeded expectations on how beautiful a helmet can truly be! Just as we were excited about the new backpack from Samshield, we are equally excited about the Miss Shield. True to its expectation, the Miss Shield delivers on the “simple is beautiful” promise. When other helmets are expanding into adding more “gadgets”, Samshield’s Miss Shield is an example of how simplicity always trumps the bells and whistles.

How does the Miss Shield Fit?

The Miss Shield Helmet is identical in fit to the other Samshield Helmets. If you already own a Samshield helmet, you will be the exact same size in the Miss Shield helmet. So far, the size has been 100% correlated between all the Samshield models.

Does the Miss Shield contain removable inner pads/liners?

Yes, the Miss Shield uses the same removable inner pads/liners as used in other Samshield Helmets.

What kind of models are available in the Miss Shield?

Samshield has made available its entire portfolio of helmet styles in the Miss Shield collection including:








All custom options are available on the Miss Shield helmet, just like with all other Samshield helmets. You can change the trim of the helmet, the front blason that has the embossed Samshield logo, change the top material and color and also print your name on the chinstrap. The Samshield Helmet Design Configurator does not support the Miss Shield Helmets (yet). The custom design capability is in the works. If you need design inspirations for your custom Miss Shield helmet, take a look at our gallery of custom Samshield helmets.

Got more questions?

Do you have more questions for us? Start a conversation with us. Leave a comment below ! Post some pictures of your new Miss Shield Helmet

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