Bridle Jump Off Revolution by PS Of Sweden (USEF Dressage Legal)


  • Winner of the “Product of the Year Award 2012”
  • Padded Extra Wide Crown Piece relieves pressure
  • Easy “Click-It” design Browband
  • Dressage Legal (FEI and USEF)

Throat Latch

Reins (Optional)

Optionally, select a set of reins for your dressage bridle



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Presenting the latest innovation for show jumping bridles. The noseband design of the Bridle Jump Off Revolution by PS Of Sweden enables freedom for the cheekbones and nerve endings. The shape of the
signature crown piece reduces pressure behind the ears. The padding enables the horse’s ears to move freely. The design of this bridle enables high performance by increasing the comfort for the horse. With reduced pressure on the sensitive nerves, the horse is able to perform more freely and without restraint. This is why PS Of Sweden bridles have become so popular.

While other bridles may claim to be anatomic, PS of Sweden sets a new marker in truly anatomically designed bridles. You will discover your horse’s full potential with this bridle.

Another innovative feature of the PS bridles is the elastic insert within the cheek pieces. This design allows the bit to be suspended in the horse’s mouth. These elastic inserts (also called “Cradles”) are optional and can be removed.

Note on USEF and FEI Dressage Legal Use

Please note that as of March 2020, this bridle is legal for use in dressage competition. Please see below chart for details.

PS Of Sweden Jump Off Dressage Bridle - USEF Legal and FEI Legal
PS Of Sweden Jump Off Dressage Bridle – USEF Legal and FEI Legal


“Click-It”  Browbands

Like other PS of Sweden Bridles, this bridle also comes with “Click-It” design browband. This means you can swap the browband without removing the bridle even while the horse is moving.

Dressage Use

The Bridle Jump Off Revolution by PS Of Sweden is approved for dressage use by FEI and USEF. The elastic cradles can be removed if they are not allowed in competition. Please double check with your regional dressage show steward for more details.

Reins are not included.

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in





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