Freejump Children’s Airbag Vest Safety Certified


  • Children’s Airbag Vest
  • Minimum Weight: 55 lbs (25 kgs)

Estimated Delivery Date: Thursday 18th April

Child Large
Child Small

Extra Saddle Straps (OPTIONAL)

Extra Cartridges for Airbag Safety Jackets


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Another new airbag designed exclusively for young children.  It is identical in functionality to the adult Freejump airbag vest.

Weight Requirement

The minimum weight requirement for this children’s airbag is 55 lbs (25 kgs).

Size Chart (cms and inches)

Freejump Childrens Airbag - Size Chart
Freejump Childrens Airbag – Size Chart

Just like the adult vest, this children’s airbag vest comes included with 1 Saddle Strap and 1 x 50cc cartridge.

How Does This Differ From The Adult Freejump Airbag Vest ?

It is designed exclusively for use by children. That is why the weight requirement is lower (55 lbs).  The cartridge for the adult vest is 60 cc. The cartridge for the children’s vest is 50 cc.

Safety Certification

This is the industry’s first children’s airbag to covet the NF-S72-800-2022.

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