Freejump Key Ball Lanyard FJ2 Airbag


  • Key Ball Lanyard for Freejump Airbag FJ2
  • Compatibility – Freejump Airbag FJ 2 (2021)

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Extra Saddle Straps (OPTIONAL)

Extra Cartridges for Airbag Safety Jackets

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This is the new key ball lanyard that attaches to the Freejump Airbag 2021 model. Please note that this key ball works only with the Freejump Airbag 2021 model.

The key-ball laynyard is used for attaching the airbag vest to the saddle.  This lanyard comes in one size. Please note this is a replacement lanyard for the Freejump Airbag FJ2 Model with the orange colored end.



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