Freejump Safety Show Jacket Women’s by Oscar and Gabrielle “Jade”


  • Integrated Airbag Safety Show Jacket
  • Made In France


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Freejump, the pioneer of equestrian safety brings you the new Safety Show Jacket for Women. The “Jade” show jacket is designed by Oscar and Gabrielle. The safety vest an be easily zipped onto the main show jacket.

This special jacket is designed to be worn with the airbag safety system. The construction and fabric of the jacket allows it to withstand the high pressure generated by the inflation mechanism.

What Makes this Jacket Special

A few things stand out, notable among them:

  • Near-instant deployment of the airbag (within 0.1 second)
  • Trusted Airbag Technology by Helite
  • Special Elastic Fabric to allow for full inflation without any rips
  • Extended Neck Protection


The jacket is available in sizes XS, S, M and L. The sizing runs true to size on the American scale.

Fabric Composition

72% microfiber polyamide and 28% elastane  (LYCRA®)

What Is Included

The jacket comes ready to be connected to the Helite




Additional How To Videos

How to Change the Gas Canister/Cartridge

How to Attach to the Saddle

Additional information

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