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Ever wanted your helmet to be lighter, better ventilated, safer and more stylish looking? The KEP Cromo Polish Textile Helmet answers YES to all of those. The KEP Cromo P Helmet features a polished finish on the sides of the helmet and textile (matte) finish on the front and back of the helmet.

KEP Italia – Stylish, ultra light high performance helmets

Introducing the lightest riding helmet. Weighing in at under 1 pound (including the liner), the KEP Italia helmets are the much lighter than the competition, including  GPA.

The KEP Italia helmets are gaining traction on both dressage and show jumping markets. The helmets are completely made in Italy in the KEP Italia factory. Lot of research has gone into the development of these helmets giving credence to their claim of being “superior helmets”.

The love affair starts when you pick up the helmet. It weighs so light, when you put it on your head, you almost feel like you are wearing a cap. The helmet has a removable liner that is washable. The one-piece inner padding is attached to an anatomic cushion that perfectly fits the nape ensuring optimum comfort and absolute air diffusion, thanks to the high tech materials used; Coolmax coupled with open-cells filter and smooth Sanitized treated micro-fiber.

Sizing and Liners

The outer shell comes in two sizes: Medium and Large. The liner sizes from 51 through 58 are for the Medium Shell and 59-62 for the Large Shell.  The liners are removable and washable by hand or machine at 30 degrees. The liners are made from Coolmax technical fabric, which ensures maximum breathability and comfort to the head.

MEDIUM SHELL CM   51         52        53        54         55       56      57        58
INCHES 6-3/8    6-1/2    6-5/8    6-3/4    6-7/8     7     7-1/8    7-1/4 
LARGE SHELL CM    59        60         61        62
INCHES 7-3/8   7-1/2    7-5/8    7-3/4


Flexible Visor for added protection from impact

The KEP Italia helmets have another very useful and practical feature that gives them an edge. The helmet visor is not part of the helmet shell . Designed to detach from the helmet shell upon impact, the visor is meant to absorb the impact of the fall, not transfer it to the rider’s head.

Every KEP Italia Helmet comes with a complimentary stylish helmet bag.

Safety Certifications

Furthermore, the KEP Italia helmets are certified by the most safety organizations. The following international certifications are issued to this helmet:

SEI Certified Model ASTM F1163.04a – Canadian and American Market Certification

EN 1384:2012 – European Certification

PAS 015:2011 BS EN 1384:2012 – (BSI) Kite Mark – English Certifications

INSPEC Certified – English Certification

ASAB Accredited BSI – This company has been awarded the Quality Management System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 CERT. NO. FM 564460


From The Manufacturer

Each model is developed first with the intention of optimising the protection it offers the rider and then with the selection of materials that ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. An example of this is the exclusive AIR CONTROL SYSTEM developed by Kep Italia. For this reason, the Kep Italia equestrian helmets are type-approved as compliant with the CE, ASTM and BS safety standards and the production processes has obtained the certification ISO 9001-2008. To reach the top, you have to aim for the best. The Kep Italia product design is another fundamental factor because it is the most evident; it immediately grabs attention from the public and wins it over. Falling in love with a Kep Italia horse riding hat is easy, considering it irreplaceable is the inevitable consequence. The best of the Made in Italy artisan tradition is not enough to win over more fans: you need the additional elements of excellent creativity and awareness of the new market demands that continually evolve. This is the secret behind the Kep Italia horse riding helmet leather finishes, the ongoing search for the latest technical material, increasingly innovative production processes to create laser-cut steel, extremely light mesh or aluminium structures, selected research material such as stainless steel (DDQ), aluminium, Kevlar, polycarbonate and anti-allergy and anti-static Dupont technological fabric.

KEP Helmets - Lever for Ar flow control
Lever for controlling air circulation
Uniform Circulation of Air Keeps you Cool and Dry
Uniform Circulation of Air Keeps you Cool and Dry
KEP Helmets - 5 Connection Straps provide better stability
KEP Helmets – 5 Connection Straps provide better stability










The front mask is fitted with a central lever that moves from bottom to top allowing air circulation to be controlled. A second steel grid has been fixed to the front grid to further protect the head from any external objects entering.


The perfect and uniform circulation of air keeps your head cool and dry. Air made warm by the temperature of your head escapes through the back of your horse riding hat. The visor is completely flexible to prevent breakage in the event of a fall.


The strap with 5 connection points provides the horse riding hat with greater stability. The strap inserted in the safety hat by means of three rings is entirely made of soft and washable anti-allergy artificial leather. The safety rivets are applied using a particular and specific system.

•    outer cap: opaque coated polycarbonate and glossy inserts
•    grid finish: glossy finish in matching colour
•    grid frame: glossy finish in matching colour
•    inner protection: double density polystyrene for greater safety
•    visor: glossy coating, flexible
•    strap: with 5 connection points in water repellent leather, in matching colour with the exception of green
•    weight: 450 grams
•    sizes: 51/52/53/54/55/56/57/58 for Medium cap
59/60/61/62 for Large cap
•    inner padding insert: in Coolmax, removable and washable at 30 degrees
•    Kep Air Control System: perfect ventilation ensured by the channels carved in the polystyrene

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 12 in

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