Ladies Technical Custom Show Jacket “Erin” by Lotus Romeo


  • Fully Customizable
  • Create your own jacket
  • Made in Europe

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Exquisite, one-of-a-kind, bespoke designs are the hallmark of Lotus Romeo.  A brand that symbolizes its “art of unforgettable style” through its products. The Ladies Technical Show Jacket “Erin” is another gorgeous jacket.

While we keep some designs in stock, they do sell out very quickly. Most of these jackets are sold as Custom. When you have this many options, you can design your dream shad! Make it happen.

Custom Jacket

What can be customized:

  • Base Color of the Jacket (Black, Blue, Brown, Grey)
  • Color of the Collar (20+ color options including Lace overlay)
  • Piping of the Collar (20+ options) and back shoulder
  • Dual Piping around Pockets (20+ options)
  • Buttons (5 options)

Tailoring Adjustments included!

Not only do you get your cake, you get to eat it too! Yes, 4 point adjustments are included in the price of this jacket. The following are adjustment options available for your custom and tailored show jacket:

  • Breast Size (-2 cm, -1 cm, +1 cm, +2 cm)
  • Length of the Jacket (-4 cm, -3 cm, -2 cm, -1 cm, +1 cm, +2 cm, +3 cm, + 4 cm)
  • Waist (-2 cm, -1 cm, +1 cm, +2 cm)
  • Length of the Sleeves (-4 cm, -3 cm, -2 cm, -1 cm, +1 cm, +2 cm, +3 cm, +4 cm)



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