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Do you want more from your stirrups? Expect nothing less than the best with the  Royal Rider Evo-Action Stirrups. These stirrups are made with the latest technological advances, representing the next generation in the “Evolution Stirrup Series”. The Royal Rider Evo-Action Stirrups are complete with a new shock absorbing suspension system, designed to maximize the comfort, balance, and stability of the rider. These stirrups also incorporate the elegant and sporty lines of European design. 

The  Royal Rider Evo-Action Stirrups include a spring and coil system at the stirrup leather placement that is designed to adjust to the weight of the rider. The shock and tension of impact are absorbed and smoothly distributed through the body of the stirrup,  through the natural flexibility and strength of the stirrup’s techno-polymer components. These durable, lightweight stirrups are made to ensure maximum shock absorption, providing cushioning relief from stress of impact and jostling movements upon the your joints.

The Royal Rider Evo-Action steel and aluminum suspension system is completely integrated within the body of the stirrup. The stirrups also come with both rubber and stainless steel “cheese grater” foot pads. These footpads are designed to provide you with maximum grip and stability as you ride, keeping your foot firm and balanced. These stirrups will remain in top condition with little to no maintenance, and are sure to revolutionize your ride.

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