Lorenzini Titanium Bit Long Fixed Cheek Weymouth Low Port




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Lorenzini bits are uniquely crafted with the newest, most innovative technology that combines the natural beneficial characteristics of pure titanium with the beauty and elegance of the professional craftsmanship.The patented style of the Lorenzini Weymouth bit is a one-of-a-kind new technology. Made with pure titanium, this bit promotes salivation and encourages a soft mouth and acceptance of the bit.The Lorenzini Weymouth Bit is extremely lightweight. The titanium components are strong and durable, made to resist corrosion that can result from the acids in a horse’s mouth.

This bit is available in 2 sizes: 5″ (125 mm) and 5.25″ (135 mm).

The Lorenzini Weymouth bit is easy to take care of; no extensive polishing is required to keep your bit looking like new– just clean it with soap and water to keep the shine. The titanium technology of this bit is also naturally antibacterial, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Its bio-compatible qualities are suitable for your horse’s body, keeping him safe and comfortable and avoiding damage to any living tissue. The Lorenzini Weymouth bit will ensure maximum athletic performance by allowing bit acceptance and effective communication between horse and rider. Strong ionization and electro semi-conduction qualities in titanium help increase salivation, while low heat conduction keeps the metal cool in the horse’s mouth. These qualities lead to a soft mouth and acceptance of the bit. Don’t settle for just any bit! The Lorenzini Weymouth bit with Forward Port will help revolutionize your riding one step at a time! Get the latest and greatest new technology in your bit!

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