Lorenzini Titanium Loose Ring Snaffle Lozenge Bit


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Don’t just settle for your average bit! Get the best bit in the business with the one-of-a-kind technology of the Lorenzini Bradoon Bit! This patented bit is professionally crafted in Italy. The Lorenzini Bradoon bit is made with the new and innovative technology of aluminum and titanium components. The titanium is lightweight, made with naturally antibacterial, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic materials. It’s bio-compatible qualities make it suitable for your horse’s body, avoiding harm or damage to any living tissue.

The Lorenzini Bradoon bit is designed to keep your horse comfortable and safe, as well as to enhance your athletic performance. This bradoon has a center lozenge that allows the mouthpiece to lie comfortably on your horse’s tongue. Strong ionization and electro semi-conductive qualities in the titanium help increase salivation, while low heat conduction keeps the metal cool in the horse’s mouth. These qualities lead to a soft mouth and acceptance of the bit. The Lorenzini Bradoon bit is also made to resist any corrosion that may result the acids in a horse’s mouth.

This beautiful bit is easy to maintain and will remain in top condition without extensive polishing; only soap and water are necessary to keep this bit looking like new. Get the best bit technology with the Lorenzini Bradoon bit! This product combines the technology and the quality of professional craftsmanship with ideal athletic properties that are sure to enhance your riding.              

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