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Transform the look and feel of your everyday tack with the Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle! This bridle is expertly crafted with professional quality and revolutionary athletic technology to create the perfect piece of tack!

Athletic Quality and Design

The Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle is designed to optimize your athletic performance. This bridle is crafted with high quality leather that is guaranteed to be both soft and supple from the very first ride. This leather is complete with a smooth, sleek finish and softly rounded edges to create a closer, more comfortable fit. The pieces of this bridle are also extremely flexible, making it easy to use and comfortable to wear. The Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle is also crafted with a padded headpiece, noseband, and browband. These softly lined features are guaranteed to ensure maximum comfort by cushioning the most delicate features of your horse’s face. The padded parts of this bridle are also designed to prevent uncomfortable pinching or rubbing that could be caused by the stiff leather of your average bridle.

Special Features

The Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle is made with the latest athletic technology for a one-of-a-kind style. This bridle is complete with an adjustable noseband. The noseband of this bridle is equipped with a side piece that will allow you to alter the width of the uprights of the noseband without changing the actual size of the bridle. This provides you with a more precise fit to better suit your horse and will allow a greater freedom of the cheek bone. Another unique feature of this innovative bridle is the elastic adjustment of the bit. The pieces of this bridle used for the attachment of your bit are lined with a layer of elastic. This mechanism allows for easy attachment and removal of the bit. It also works to prevent interference from the movement of your hands with the horse’s hold of the bit.

Additional Attributes

The Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle is designed to renew and refresh the look of your tack. This bridle comes in a rich Tobacco brown color that is sure to transform the look of your everyday tack. This bridle is also complete with decorative stitching on the noseband and browband to add a subtle touch of elegance. It is available in adjustable Horse and Cob sizes so that you can achieve the best fit for your horse. Experience the professional technology and style of the Prestige Sorrento Evolution Bridle! Get yours today!

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