Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt is back!

For a while now, the Wellington Collection Extreme Air Shirts or the EIS (Equi In Style) shirts have been in favor with athletes of multiple disciplines.

About the Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt

For those of you unfamiliar with why these shirts are popular, here is the list:

  1. Built-in 30+ SPF Protection for protection from sun burn
  2. Long Sleeves to help protect the arms and keep you warm on those windy days.
  3. Mesh fabric on the underside of the sleeves, to allow air-flow  (While we all like to perspire, we do not want the odor or the stickiness).
  4. Multi-purpose shirt, can be used in Sports like tennis, running, golf, and riding.
  5. Choice of multiple colors to fit your taste and mood.
  6. A mock color for protection and style.
  7. Zipper closure

The Wellington Collection EAS Shirt filled in a void in the market by bringing a shirt that had all these features and a very economical price tag. This means you could own several of these shirts without robbing the bank. At $60 a pop, these shirts are a great value.

However, more recently, Wellington Collection had a snafu.  They could not supply the shirts in quantities.

Enter Bette & Court (or shall we say “Re-Enter”) Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt

Bette & Court was the maker of the original Swing Shirt. In its various forms and brands, the Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt got renamed as Wellington Collection Extreme Air Shirt and EIS Performance Stand Up Collar Cool Shirt. Bette & Court is credited with being the innovator of these shirts.

Rightfully so, Bette & Court has stepped up once again, this time with a dazzling array of color choices for their Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt. The shirt is a step above its competition. It is lighter, softer fabric still with the same popular mock design. Best of all, the shirt colors are to die for. They have covered the spectrum with the colors available with the Swing Cool Elements Mock Shirt. With so many colors available, you can wear a different color each day of the week!


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