For Horses

For Horses is an Italian manufacturer focussed on creating light weight high performance breeches, both for show jumping and dressage. The Minnie Grip (for women) and Miky Grip (for men) breeches are the lightest weight breeches with silicone grip knee patch. Today, the FH brand has become popular comparid to the  other “big 3” Italian apparel brands. Part of that success is because the designer focus on making the most beautiful and inspiring show clothing. Whether it is the bestselling Lace Show Shirt Luna or the Knee Patch Leggings Tights, FH continues to produce stunning products. The Push Up Show Jumping Breeches are the latest exciting addition to the FH brand. The focus is on creating unique and sexy designs that not only look good, but perform in the show ring. When you ride in the hot sun of South Florida, you need something breathable and dry wicking. While other brands may make claims, only FH delivers truly and spectacularly. Fashion does not have to be un-affordable either. Customers that have previously worn the more expensive breeches prefer the superior comfort and fit of the Ladies Light weight breeches by FH.

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