KASK may be new to Equestrian Helmets, but is an old name when it comes to helmets for sports. They are best known for their ski and bicycle helmets. In late 2015, KASK introduced its Equestrian Line of Helmets. Instantly, it became a hit. The Italian design and aesthetics of KASK has been welcomed in the US market.

The KASK Star Lady Shadow is the most popular wide-visor helmet currently on the market, even outselling the popular GPA First Lady. A few things make KASK different from the rest of the competition. Read this post to learn more about KASK Equestrian helmets.

Whether you do dressage, eventing or show jumping, KASK has a helmet just for you. The KASK Dogma Chrome Light Helmet comes in 3 base colors and 6 different trims. Similarly, the Dogma Light is a simpler version of the same helmet without the chrome trim. Just like other newer helmets, the KASK inner padding is removable and washable.

KASK also offers lots of custom options, including but not limited to flags on the helmets.

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