KASK Helmet Inner Padding Liner Snap-Style


  • Snap-style attachment (not Velcro)
  • Easy Care

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 6th March

USA 7/EU 56
USA 7 1/8 / EU 57
USA 7 1/4 / EU 58
USA 7 3/8 / EU 59
USA 7 1/2 / EU 60
USA 7 5/8 / EU 61
USA 6 3/8 / EU 51
USA 7 3/4 / EU 62
USA 6 1/2 / EU 52
USA 7 7/8 / EU 63
USA 6 5/8 / EU 53
USA 6 1/4 / EU 50
USA 6 3/4 / EU 54
USA 6 7/8 / EU 55

OPTIONAL: Soless Visor For Extra Sun UV Protection

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Starting with late 2017, KASK Equestrian Helmets transitioned to a snap-style inner padding liner for all of their helmets. Previously, velcro was utilized for attaching the helmet to the liner. This Snap-Style liner will NOT work with the first generation of KASK Equestrian helmets.


These snap-style inner padding liners are compatible only with the newer KASK Dogma helmets that have inserts for attaching the liners. Please note that if your helmet accepts a Velcro style liner, this liner will NOT work. In that case, you can buy the Velcro Style Inner Padding Liner.

If you want to determine which helmet you have, there is an easy way. Turn the helmet upside down. Looking down at the helmet, locate three small holes towards the front of the helmet. If the holes are not present, you have the original Velcro style first generation KASK helmet.

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