How to Measure for Tall Boots

All boots are not created equal. Even within the same size, models of tall boots can vary in fit. The following steps describe how to measure yourself for riding tall boots. In general, these instructions apply to riding boots, irrespective of brand and/or model. When measuring, always wear both the breeches and socks that you would normally wear while riding.

Step 1 – Shoe Size

Use the handy chart below for your foot size. The chart can be used to determine your foot size in EU (European).

Size Conversion Chart for Freejump Boots
Size Conversion Chart for Freejump Boots

Step 2 – Calf Width

Measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf (in CM or inches). If one calf is bigger than the other, take note of the bigger calf measurement. Also, measure in 3 different positions along the calf. Note the widest reading.

STEP 3 – Calf Height

Measure the back height of your calf from the ground (barefoot) to the back of your knee crease (in CM or inches).