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Important Update COVID19 Shutdown

With the COVID19 crisis gripping the nation, we had to make the difficult decision to close our brick-and-mortar store in Wellington. In addition, WEF2020 came to an early end after Week 10 (vs 12).

We would like to remind all our customers that safety is our top priority. In such unprecendeted times, we are better off erring on the side of caution. As a result, we are heeding all the guidelines from WHO, CDC along with the state and local health agencies (including the Village of Wellington).

We have assembled a list of questions that you may have for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still processing and shipping online orders?

Yes, we continue to fulfill online orders. We are trying our best to maintain the same speedy shipping you have come to expect of us. However, please note that carrier delays are outside our control.

Can I still place an order via phone?

Yes, you can call or text us at 561-228-8883 (Prashant) or 954-383-1599 (Amit). We appreciate your business.

Can I get better pricing because of these restrictions?

Please note that we are a small business. Just like any other small business, these are hard times. We kindly request you to not ask for any discounts/deals. We hope you will support your favorite tack shops.

Are you still taking orders for custom helmets?

Yes. Whether it is custom KASK or custom Samshield helmets, we are still taking orders. Link to each of the configurators appears below:

I would like to order a custom short jacket or a custom dressage shadbelly. Can I still do that?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us in case of any questions. Links to configurators are below for your convenience.

What about an order I placed back in Jan/Feb/March?

We will keep you informed on the status of your orders. If you ordered a custom helmet (be it KASK or Samshield), please note that there is additional delays because of worldwide lockdowns. As soon as we have specific information for your order, we will pass it along.

I placed an order for a pair of breeches/shirts etc during WEF. When can I expect it?

We will keep you posted, preferably via a text message or send you a DM on Instagram.

Can I cancel an order that I have not received?

You are always welcome to cancel your order. However, we would appreciate your support in these trying times. Please bear with us as we navigate through these tough times.

If I ordered something that shows “In Stock”, how soon can I receive it?

In almost all cases, “In Stock” items are shipped either the same business day or the next business day. That has not changed.

What if I want to Return or exchange?

Please contact us via phone or email. We will be glad to help you.

Can I visit the Wellington store?

For now, (until further notice), the store is closed pursuant to the directive from the State Of Florida and Village Of Wellington. As soon as the directive changes, we will re open the store. Information on Google, Facebook and Instagram will be posted.

I still have product or shipping specific questions. Can I ask them ?

You can always contact us via the Facebook Messenger Chat widget on our website. There are no bots on the other end. We will try to answer your questions as best as we can.

When do you expect “Product XYZ” to come back in stock?

May we request you to kindly send us a direct message specifying the product in question? Then we can assist you better.

Are you still able to ship orders?

Yes, we are processing phone/text and online orders as usual.

What precautions are you taking against the spread of COVID19?

As soon as WEF 2020 was ended early, we have closed our store. Despite the fact that this step hurts our bottomline, our customers’ safety and well being comes first. Furthermore, we operate with masks and gloves all the time. The common areas in our store are periodically wiped with anti-bacterial wipes.

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For Horses Equestrian Clothing: What’s New for 2020

We are super excited about the new products from For Horses for the new 2020 season. With an emphasis on design simplicity and high performance fabrics, For Horses has outdone all the other big equestrian brands in a big way. In this post, we list the new products for the 2019-2020 collection from For Horses.

Once again, instead of creating a wide collection, FH introduces just 2 or 3 pieces to each line up. One of the ways FH contrasts with other equestrian apparel manufacturers is the once-a-year collection. Other brands often introduce Spring, Summer, Flash, Fall-Winter collections. The end result is a cluttered collection with no coherent sense of design or direction. The several different collections each contain 30-40 different items, thereby causing much confusion in the minds of the customer.

Ladies Short Sleeve Show Shirt with White Placket “Gloria”

This is a simple show shirt with some cute details. Once again, the emphasis is on simple. While introducing a cute horses pattern, FH has changed the show shirt game entirely. We received this 2 weeks ago and it is already sold out.

The white placket makes it suitable for show use in jumper and hunter rings.

For Horses Ladies Lightweight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Horse Details "Gloria"
For Horses Ladies Lightweight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Horse Details “Gloria”

Ladies Short Sleeve Mesh Honeycomb Competition Shirt “Maia”

Another simple but very functional addition to the already impressive FH portfolio. The “Maia” is made from “honeycomb” fabric to allow for maximum ventilation. The shirt also sports a quarter zip.

For Horses Short Sleeve Ladies Mesh Honeycomb Competition Shirt with UV Protection and Zipper "Maia"
For Horses Short Sleeve Ladies Mesh Honeycomb Competition Shirt with UV Protection and Zipper “Maia”

Ladies Ultra Light Yoga-Pant Like Knee Patch Breeches with Flap Pockets “Ennie”

Just when you thought the FH breeches could not get any better! The “Ennie” came in 2 weeks ago and is already sold out. Not only are the “FH” diehard fans asking for more of these breeches, people that are new to the FH brand are loving it as well. The “Ennie” combines the style and design elements from both the original “Minnie” model and the “Remie” model. The back pockets are a nod to Minnie, while the seamless silicone grip is derived from the “Remie”. Needless to say, our customers are in love with this new model. This one is receiving rave reviews, even from customers that were previously skeptical of FH breeches.

One notable difference is the use of newer and smoother fabric in the “Ennie” breeches.

It is available in Black, Navy, Dove Grey, Beige and Red so far. More colors (Dark Grey and White) are expected to arrive soon.

Ladies Short Sleeve Show Shirt with UV Protection and Contrast Piping “Emie”

Another beautiful addition to the 2019-2020 collection, the “Emie” sports a white placket.

For Horses Ladies Light weight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Contrast "Emie" - Taupe
For Horses Ladies Light weight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Contrast “Emie” –

Girls Lightweight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Pony Details “Arietta”

Just one new shirt for the girls this year, but this has to be the cutest show shirt ever produced! Just look at the minute horse details.

Girls Lightweight Short Sleeve Show Shirt with Crystal Details “Molly”

Technically the “Molly” shirt is not new. It is part of the regular FH collection. However, 3 new colors in this shirt are being introduced: Navy Lucky, Navy Horses and Merlot.

Girls Technical Show Jumping Breeches with Piping Details and cellphone pocket “Betty”

Another super pretty pair of breeches for the girls. These are available in Size 6 through 16 in Beige, White, Navy and Bordeaux colors.

For Horses Girls Lightweight Technical Show Jumping Breeches with cellphone pocket "Betty"
For Horses Girls Lightweight Technical Show Jumping Breeches with cellphone pocket “Betty”


We covered the handful of new shirts and breeches for the new 2019-2020 For Horses Equestrian Apparel collection. We hope you like these designs. It is only Week 5 of WEF and we are sold out on most of these items already.

Have you purchased any of these from our online store or from our WEF and Wellington locations? What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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Airbag Safety Jackets For Equestrian Riding: All You Wanted To Know

Helite Safety Airbag Zip'In

Airbag Safety Jackets (vests, long sleeve jackets and show jackets) have become quite popular this year. We had brought a few in before prior to this season. However, with the upcoming WEF circuit, we have noticed that there is an uptick in the demand for these jackets.

If you are in the market for one and want some questions answered, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions about the fit, selection, technology and maintenance of these new systems.

Update: April 12, 2020 : As of April 5, 2020 a new (and improved) airbag safety jacket vest has been introduced to the market. The standalone Helite ZipIn2 is a new safety vest that is designed for use either on its own or with a compatible show jacket. This new vest has all the safety features of it predecessor along with new innovations. For one, it can worn on its own without an outer vest/jacket. It does not have to be zipped in. The airbag is part of the vest, no longer detachable. The best part is it is still backwards compatible with your Dada Sport Show Jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the airbag system work?

First, it is impotant to understand the components of the airbag safety jacket/vest technology. There are 2 major components: the Airbag Shell Jacket (outer) and the Helite Airbag Zip’in (inner). The Helite Airbag Zip’In connects to the outer shell .

What is the next generation of airbag safety jacket technology?

The next gen of the airbag safety technology is so far available in 2 different products: One designed and manufactured by Helite, the other designed by Freejump, manufactured by Helite. While they look similar on the outside, there are a few notable difference between them.

Do I need to buy both the outer jacket and inner Helite Airbag Zip’in?

Yes. The inner Helite Airbag Zip will inflate once the system is triggered.

Can I use my existing Helite Airbag Zip’In?

Yes, as long as your Helite Airbag Zip’in is functioning well.

How do I know whether my Helite Airbag Zip’In is operational and safe to use?

Bring it to a Helite dealer and ask them to inspect it. If you bring it to us, we will be glad to test it as well to make sure the inflation mechanism is operational.

How does the Helite Airbag Zip’In protect me compared to other brands?

There is some significant advantages to Helite’s technology versus other airbag systems.
First, it is a homogeneous airbag, i.e. one piece airbag that inflates all at once. Other airbag systems on the market do not offer a 1 piece airbag. Instead the airbag is divided into 2 or more sections. This leads to off-time deployment, where one section of the airbag may deploy later than others.
Secondly, Helite is the only airbag solution that provides full protection from the neck to the tailbone.

What about different brands, DadaSport versus Oscar and Gabrielle?

Jackets from DadaSport and Oscar and Gabrielle are both compatible with the Helite Airbag Zip’In. The Dada Sport styling is more fitted than Oscar and Gabrielle. The underlying technology is the same for both jackets. They connect to the saddle with the same mechanism (i.e. Helite Saddle Strap)

How exactly do the airbag safety jackets work?

Dada Sport Sleeveless Training Safety Airbag Vest

What parts of the body does the airbag protect?

Helite Safety Airbag Zip'In

What makes Helite Airbags the best for protection?

Dada Sport Sleeveless Training Safety Airbag Vest

Do the Airbag Jackets look and feel bulky?

Airbag Jackets have come a long way in the last 2 years. The original version was bulky but the most recent versions are sleek and light.

What do I do after the airbag deploys?

Your jacket and airbag zip’in are both re-usable after a fall and deployment. All you need to do is to make sure is to replace the CO2 cartridge. Remove the spent cartridge and replace it with a new cartridge.

What size cartridge do I need?

For all adult sizes, (XS through XXL), you will need the 60 cc cartridge. For Child Large size, you will need 50 cc cartridge.

What is the warranty on the Helite Airbag?

Standard warranty is 2 years. However, you can extend that warranty (for free) by registering your purchase on Helite’s website. Here is the registration link:

Why do I need an airbag jacket?

Airbag Jackets are safety equipment. Think of them in the same context as your helmet. If a piece of equipment has the potential to protect you from severe injury, why not? Today, some of the world’s top riders compete in the airbag safety jackets, including Martin Fuchs.

What is the difference between Helite Prestige, Helite Airshell Gillet?

Essentially, these are all training vests manufactured by Helite. The Helite Zip’In can be connected to these vests. The Prestige is the sportier model of the training vest whereas the Gillet is more classic and traditional.

How do I check my size in the Helite models?

How to measure?
Measure according to the graphic below. The sizing is unisex. The chart below is in Centimeters (cms).

Size Chart Table for Helite Airbag ZipInHow to measure for Helite Airbag ZipIn

Are the Helite Jackets unisex?

Yes, the Helite Vests are uni-sex. Please check the size chart above to correctly determine your size.

I still have more questions. Who can I contact?

You can always Contact Us via email or phone. We will be glad to help.


We hope we have helped clear up most of the questions/doubts. This is by no means, a complete list. Please ask your questions by commenting below.

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KASK Equestrian Helmets: What’s New for 2020?

KASK Equestrian continues on its quest to become the top choice for equestrians. Towards that goal, KASK is steadily making improvements to its line of existing helmets as well as introducing new models/designs that customers have been requesting.

KASK has already established a solid place in the equestrian helmet space in a relatively short time. By our estimates, it is in the top 3 brands for equestrian helmets. Given that the KASK Equestrian brand is only 5 years old, this is huge. Not only is the brand gained strong momentum, the products continue to shine. KASK is bringing their deep safety expertise to the equestrian helmet space.

Shine and Gloss (with Chrome)

The Pure Shine series of KASK Equestrian is new addition to the lineup. Pretty much both the Dogma Chrome Light and Dogma Star Lady helmet models now have their shiny cousins. Although underneath the shell, they are the same helmets, the look of the shiny vs. matte helmets is completely different. We are noticing a big wave of excitement towards the shiny helmets.

Rose Gold “EveryRose” Pink Gold (Limited Edition Trim)

Yes, it is that popular! The Rose Gold aka Pink Gold aka EveryRose is a special trim on all KASK Helmets. The exclusive “EveryRose” collection features the same KASK Helmets, but with a Rose Gold Trim. Whether it be Navy or Black, the Rose Gold trim adds another level of elegance and style to an already gorgeous helmet.

While these helmets are custom and take 8-10 weeks from order to delivery, your favorite tack store has them in stock. See below and check what is your favorite helmet. There is a helmet here for everyone, whether you do dressage or show jumping or both.

Larger Sizes For Star Lady coming soon!

For those of you that love the Star Lady Wide Brim Helmets from KASK but can not fit in the existing sizes (Sizes 6 1/2 through 7 3/8), there is great news!

In late February 2020, KASK plans to release the larger sizes in the Dogma Star Lady Wide Brim Helmet series. These new sizes cover 7 1/2 through 7 7/8. In EU terminology, that means sizes 60 through 63.

Note that this is not entirely new. When KASK first entered the equestrian scene, they did make these sizes in the Wide Brim helmets. However, due to lack of demand, they stopped producing these sizes soon after. With much persuasion from us, they have finally agreed to re-introduce these sizes.

We are quite excited about these larger sizes as we have had requests from customers. In fact, you can place your pre-orders for these new sizes in all the different models of the Dogma Star Lady Wide Brim helmet.


So this the recap for what is new and exciting from KASK for the upcoming/current season. Do you own a KASK Helmet? As always, we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below. What do you like about your helmet? If not, do you have any questions? We love to help, so please do not hesitate to ask. Questions/comments are always welcome.

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2019: Our Annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Equestrians

KASK Equestrian Dogma Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome Wide Brim Helmet - Navy

As per our annual traditional for the holidays, we try to curate a list of about 10 (more or less) items that make excellent gifts for your equestrian friends and families. We are about 2 weeks late this year, but as they say, better late than never. We hope you will find some useful ideas for gift giving to the equestrian rider(s) in your life.

Horse Visor for Eye and Face Protection “eVysor” by eQuick

Horse Visor for Eye and Face Protection “eVysor” – We are super excited about this new product. The “eVysor” is a visor for your horse visor. It provides much needed protection for your horse from UV rays as well as dirt, footing etc. Just like us, our horses need protection. Think of these as Oakleys for your horse.

Equestrian Fitness Tool “Home Horse”

This product is not technically brand new for 2019, but its time for every serious equestrian to own one. Once you ride on the home horse, you will see why! We have one at our store and everyone loves it. Not only is it fun for non riders, it is extremely helpful for riders for developing the muscles critical for improving their horse riding skills.

We use it for a variety of functions, whether it is for customers trying out new show jackets and shads, or customers trying their new boots. It helps them to determine if the height of the jacket and boots is correct.

Tucci Classic Traditional Half Chaps “Everytime”

These chaps are made from soft Italian leather meant for every day use. What is best is that you do not need any special paddock boots. These are traditional half chaps, so they do not require a snap button or velcro for attachment to the paddock boots. So you can use them with your existing paddock boots, whether they are made by Tucci or any other manufacturer.

Made By Tucci in Italy, these are high quality chaps meant for comfort and durability.

Rein Rite : Training Aid for Muscle Building

This is a highly innovative product for this year. We have had a big demand for these training aids. A very easy way for muscle building for your horse.

Show Jumping Boots “Athena” by Secchiari

These are technically not new for 2019, but they continue to be our customers’ favorite riding boots. So comfortable, you can start riding in them right away. They strike the perfect balance between tradition and modern styling. BONUS: A new color called “Cotto” has been introduced for 2019. This has been a hot favorite ever since its introduction.

Winderen Knee Protect Solution Stirrups with Dual Shock Absorbers

By now, you have heard about the popular shock absorbing stirrups by Flex On. This year, we are pleased to introduce another innovative brand of stirrups: Winderen. These stirrups are traditional in design with a extra wide foot base. They are equipped with a dual shock absorbing system.

Winderen Back Comfort Solution Saddle Pad

Continuing in the vein of innovative and bold brands that are creating products that solve problems, the Winderen Back Comfort Solution Saddle Pad is a prime example. This half pad contains zipper pockets for adding/adjusting shims.

For Horses Ultra Light Girls Jods

We proudly present the top selling jods for girls. These bring all the things to jods that are common in women’s breeches: Quick Drying Light Weight Fabric, Italian Fit, Easy Care.

KASK Dogma Star Lady Pure Shine “Chrome” Wide Brim Ladies Helmet

Once again, KASK presents a beautiful and elegant helmet for show jumping. The KASK Dogma Star Lady Pure Shine “Chrome” Wide Brim Ladies Helmet sports a wider brim for better sun protection. Its glossy look makes it ideal for use for the day and night class.

KASK Dogma Star Lady “EveryRose” Carpet Amethyst Wide Brim Helmet (LIMITED EDITION)

The KASK Dogma Star Lady “EveryRose” Carpet Amethyst Wide Brim Helmet takes elegance to a totally new level. Arrive in style with this gorgeous and bling-packed helmet. The roe gold contrast against the navy backdrop makes this a unique helmet.


What do you think of this list? Do you own any of these products? Have Questions? Simply enter them in the comments below or feel free to Contact Us.