Quite possibly, breeches are the most important part of the costume. It is important that the breeches fit well, offer optimum grip with flexibility. Today’s riders demand high performance from their fabric. That is why we are very picky when it comes to selecting breeches for our customers. From  For Horses to Kismet, you will find it all here.

Dressage riders always opt for the Full Seat Breeches. Show jumping riders pick the Knee Patch Breeches. With so many different styles to select from, a lot of the decision boils down to what fits you the best. No too women are built identical. Therefore, it is all the more important to offer a large variety of riding pants. Check out the latest “push up” pants from For Horses. These breeches are the #1 seller at the Winter Equestrian Festival (Wellington) 2015-16 circuit.