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Best Guide for Anatomic Bridles Explained – 2019 Edition

When it All Started

Anatomic bridles have started to become all the rage for both dressage and show jumping. Many companies have started on the trend of creating more comfortable bridles. Karin Bjarle – creator of PS of Sweden – launched one of the first anatomic bridles in 2011. Her idea was to create something that was beneficial to the horse. So she came up with an out of the box idea. Today I’ll be discussing two popular brands PS of Sweden and Schockemöhle.

Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Dressage Snaffle Bridle - Malibu
Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Dressage Snaffle Bridle – Malibu

PS of Sweden’s Idea

PS of Sweden bridles features a wider headpiece than the traditional bridle to distribute an even amount of pressure on the poll. It also has a deep cut for the ears so they can move freely without pinching or discomfort. A unique feature that the PS bridle has is Bit Cradles in the cheek pieces. It is a small piece of elastic that holds the bit suspended to give it a softer feel in the horse’s mouth. Karin’s ideas didn’t end there she went a step further and created a new browband. They now snap on and snap off for an easy change. No more pulling the bridle apart to change your bling!

Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Black
Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Black

Anatomic Bridles by PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden offers a variety of anatomic bridles for both show jumping and dressage. High Jump (pictured below) is one of their jumping snaffles. It has all of the common features of a PS bridle. The main difference is the noseband. This noseband has a deep contour along the cheek bones to avoid putting extensive pressure on the sensitive facial nerves. It also features a noseband and flash farther away from each other avoiding unneeded pressure on the upper jaw molar teeth. The bow (the pad that replaces the actual noseband) is adjustable to give each horse a uniquely perfect fit. PS offers a model similar to this called Jump Off. While the High Jump and the Jump Off can be used for dressage, a similar model specifically for dressage is available called Nirak. PS also offers multiple other options for both show jumping and dressage double and snaffles.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle in Black
PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle in Black

Schockemöhle’s Spin on Anatomic

Schockemöhle has created their own line of anatomic bridles bringing their spin on things. They created a new innovative scientific design by going a step further. They looked what’s under the skin of the face. This has helped them create a design works with the biological makeup of the horse. This has unveiled that where the traditional noseband lies unnecessary pressure is applied on the nervus fascicles and nervus trigeminus (shown in orange below). Pressure on these very sensitive nerves has been linked to pain in the face. Ultimately creating problems from the poll throughout the body since the Fascia (connective tissue) is all connected. The caveson also connects at a lower point allowing the circulation to run freely through the face. In addition, the flash sits in a sideways positioning allows the horse to breath better without restriction since it no longer sits on the nasal cavities. The headpiece is similar to the PS of Sweden, but they created their own take on it. Instead of having a wider headpiece with a deep ear cut they made it out of a softer more flexible leather with an anatomical shape. It also features cheek pieces attached to the noseband allowing for a more stable connection and small stimulation on the noseband enhancing the connection with the horse and rider. Overall, the difference to todays innovative technology compared to the older bridles brings new standards to our sport. Allowing us to give our horses maximized comfort.

Schockemöhle Equitus Gamma

Anatomic Bridles by Schockemöhle

Schockemöhle has multiple models for anatomical bridles. They have the Equitus collection (pictured above) which features three different snaffles. One is fleece lined with a flash, another is just a regular snaffle with flash, lastly a snaffle without the flash attachment. They also offer the Equitus in a double bridle. Schockemöhle also offers a more traditional looking anatomical bridle featuring a curved noseband and anatomic crown piece. They come in both jumping and dressage in snaffles and doubles.

Here we have a handy table comparing all the different dressage bridles that form part of the Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic collection:




Bling Browband

# of Browbands

Fleece Noseband


Equitus AlphaSnaffleFlatNo1No$329
Equitus BetaSnaffleFlatNo1No$390
Equitus DeltaSnaffle w/o FlashFlatNo1No$329
Equitus ZetaSnaffleFlat441YES$329
SlimfordSnaffle w/o FlashRolledNo1No$329
Schockemoehle Sports Padded Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridle - Montreal in Espresso
Schockemoehle Sports Padded Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridle – Montreal in Espresso


Overall, anatomic bridles have been scientifically proven to benefit your horse. From avoiding sensitive pressure points and nerves to allowing better blood circulation. It’s hard to turn down the modern bridle especially when there are so many different options and styles. So, next time you’re in the market for a bridle and want something that will improve your horses performance think anatomic.

PS Of Sweden Anatomic Dressage Bridle "Nirak"
PS Of Sweden Anatomic Dressage Bridle “Nirak”
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Why You Should Choose Secchiari


The Secchiari boot company is a family owned business, which means their reputation and pride is represented in their company’s products.  In 1950, Stivaleria Secchiari was founded by Alfredo and Emilia Secchiari in Le Marche, Italy. With almost 70 years of experience, from 3 generations, they have mastered the art of boot making. Today, they still use the traditional marksmanship with the highest quality of leather. This makes Secchiari a top pick for equestrians around the world.

Logo Secchiari Italian Boots
Logo Secchiari Italian Boots

No. 1 Quality

Stivaleria Secchiari prides itself on the quality and durability of the leather that they use in their Italian boots. They hand pick out the leather they use in all the boots and accessories in Tuscany, Italy to ensure it’s to the highest of standards. Secchiari’s have a softer feel than most boots allowing you to keep close contact with your horse while being extremely durable. The soles of the boots and shoes are hand sewn and glued on. This makes the soles last longer compared to other companies which just use one method. The boots are more form fitting compared to others allowing for minimal “breaking in” time. They also have an elastic hidden along the zipper which gives the boot extra stretch for a perfect fit. These two features combined reduces the amount of wrinkles in the leather giving you a sleek, professional look. 

Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic
Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic

No. 2 Options

Secchiari has a variety of “off the shelf” options from short boots and chaps to dress boots. Some of the featured tall boot models that they offer include the Zues which is a men’s showjumping model featuring a fancy stitching on the front. They also have this model in womens, Athena. Another jumping boot they offer is their field boot with laces. Their most popular dressage model is Roma, which is a sleek design featuring the hidden elastic, a rigid leather on the outer part of the boot but a soft leather inside.  

The short boots and chaps that they offer are beautifully crafted to give you the look of a tall boot. The most popular short boots are similar in style to the Zues and Athena. With a fancy stitching design on the front with elastic on each side of the zippers, comfort, quality and durability are wrapped into one. They offer this short boot in both men’s and women’s. These short boots are designed with a snap on half chap made with soft and durable leather offering a reinforced inside. These half chaps and boots are made with the highest quality calfskin allowing for almost no break in time. They also offer the chaps and boots in a more simple and classic design. 

Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic - Black
Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic – Black

No. 3 Custom Orders

The options are endless when it comes to the customization of Secchiari boots. They offer an abundant amount of colors from patent to antique finish, with tons of ways to customize from the toe to the crown. Secchiari bootmakers will create your customized dream boots. One custom model offered is the Columbian Luxury Leather Top. This boot features your choice of boot color, toe and heel color and the option for front laces. Tack N Rider also provides customized measurements to have a boot that fits like a glove and looks anyway you’d like. The best part about a custom Secchiari boot is that it only takes 6 – 8 weeks for delivery. Compared to other companies which have a wait time of up to 6 months.

Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots - Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel
Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots – Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel


Overall, Stivaleria Secchiari is unique and elite. This traditional family owned company offers the best craftsmanship, quality, and versatility and it is at the forefront of bootmakers for equestrians around the globe. 

Secchiari Athena Black
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Custom Tack Trunks and Tack Boxes

We are pleased to announce yet another addition to our offering: Custom Tack Trunks and Boxes. Whether you are looking for a small, medium or large trunk, with or without wheels etc, we can help you.

If you know exactly what you want, it is much easier. However, we can advise you and guide you on the design as well. The trunks are made to measure. Each option is configurable to suit your taste and needs. Whether you want to supply your own background image, graphics, it is all possible.

Whether you are looking for a double door or vertical or saddle rack or a box, we have them all.

I am ready. How do I get started?

Simply fill out the form below. We respond in minutes or feel free to call us at 561-228-8883.

[contact-form-7 id=”42006″ title=”Tack Trunk CF”]

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Used Saddles on Consignment

Prestige X Breathe Show Jumping Saddle

We are proud to announce this big news: We now accept used and unused saddles on consignment. If you have a saddle that you are currently not using, bring it to us. Whether it is a show jumping saddle or dressage, we accept them all.

We accept the following brands:

  • CWD
  • Voltaire
  • Devocoux
  • Antares
  • Prestige
  • Del Grange
  • Hermes

Now, for the fine print: Please be sure the saddle has been cleaned thoroughly before you bring it to us. We are unable to accept saddles that are damaged or dirty.

How Does It Work?

  • Bring us your used saddle in clean condition.
  • We discuss what you are expecting to receive for the saddle.
  • Upon agreement, we will display it on our prestigious saddle wall in our Wellington store.
  • Once the saddle is sold, we will contact you for re-reimbursement.


It is a simple process. We are trying to make it very easy for anyone looking to sell their saddle. If you have any special requests/considerations, please feel free to contact us. If you have a saddle from a brand not listed above, please contact us with the details.

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Your Guide to Riding Short Boots + Mini Chaps Combinations

In this blog post, we intend to give you a side-by-side comparison guide for the boots+mini chaps combination boot systems. We begin with the first such boot on the market, progressing through to the last few years. Today, there are a number of choices when it comes to boots+mini chaps combination boot systems. We will compare the different options available so you can select the right one for you.

History (2012)

It all started in 2012 when Freejump launched their original Fly One Boots and Mini Chaps. A concept that was seen as being too “radical” and “futuristic” by many. For those that do not know about the Freejump concept, see pictures below:

Free Jump Fly One Boots in Black
Free Jump Fly One Boots in Black

The idea was to introduce an ultra comfortable riding boot system that can be used for show and everyday use. We introduced this concept to USA 7 years ago. While it enjoyed limited success in terms of adoption, the concept itself proved to be wildly popular. The original Fly One Boots and Chaps system has since been retired by Freejump.

In late 2014, Freejump followed up their initial design with the now ubiquitous Freejump Liberty Boots and Mini Chaps system. Compared to their original system, this boot system offered a much easier way of attaching the boots and chaps. The boots looked a bit more conservative and offered an even higher level of comfort.

Freejump Liberty EVO Chaps and Boots
Freejump Liberty EVO Chaps and Boots
Freejump Liberty XC Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC Boots
Freejump Liberty XC Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC Boots

2019 Choices for Boots and Chaps Combo Systems

Fast forward to 2019, many other brands have tried and failed to replicate this concept. A few standouts are still in the market and the competition is intense among them. The concept has been refined multiple times, with the end result of benefiting the riders. Below, we list them with details:

Freejump Liberty Evo Boots and Mini Chaps

This option still remains one of the most popular. These boots and chaps are meant exclusively for show and competition use. The construction of the boots and chaps can not undertake the rigors of everyday riding. The boot sole is glued to the upper part of the boot, lending the boot a very sleek and non-bulky look. The mini-chaps have 2 zippers: the front full length for fastening, the back zipper for ventilation.

Freejump Liberty Boots and Mini Chaps System
Freejump Liberty Boots and Mini Chaps System

Freejump Liberty Evo Boots and XC Mini Chaps

This is the most popular combination of Freejump boots and chaps. You get the best of both worlds: the sleek look of the Liberty Evo Boots and the durability of the Liberty XC Mini Chaps. The Liberty XC Mini Chaps are made tougher from thicker leather. They are designed for everyday riding.

Freejump Liberty EVO Chaps and Boots
Freejump Liberty EVO Chaps and Boots

Freejump Liberty XC Boots and XC Chaps Combination

This is the sturdiest option for those that are looking for a pair of comfortable boots that they can ride in all-day. These boots and chaps are built for all day use. Added bonus: you can use them as your competition boots as well. If you ride 6 to 8 horses a day (or more), these boots are a must-have. No more soreness, no stiffness. Just plain comfortable boots that let you focus on the important elements of your riding.

Freejump Liberty XC Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC Boots
Freejump Liberty XC Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC Boots

Secchiari Short Boots “Hera” + Mini Chaps “Olanda” Combination

Introduced just under 3 years back, in late 2016, these combination boots have quickly become the most popular. What everyone loves about it is the design and aesthetics. While most other combination boots look like a short boots + chaps combo, these are hard to tell apart from tall boots. The fastening system is through the front tab. When using the short boots without the chaps, the attachment button can be hid by folding the snap piece. The boots themselves are gorgeous. It strikes the perfect balance of modern design with traditional styling.

Another salient feature about these is the “break-in” time. The boots and chaps are constructed from soft yet sturdy Italian leather. The chaps are re-inforced on the inside to allow for better wearability.

Secchiari Paddock Boots in Black shown with Olanda Mini Chaps
Secchiari Paddock Boots in Black shown with Olanda Mini Chaps
Secchiari Paddock Boots in Brown shown with Olanda Mini Chaps
Secchiari Paddock Boots in Brown shown with Olanda Mini Chaps

Tucci Harl Short Boots and Harley Mini Chaps Combination Boots

Tucci’s Harl Short Boots are extremely popular. Similar to the Secchiari short boots, these connect to the Harley Mini Chaps to make a combination system.

The chaps and boots are exclusively compatible, i.e. you can not mix and match with boots from other brands.

Tucci Paddock Boots and Mini Chaps
Tucci Harley Paddock Boots shown with the Tucci Harley Mini Chaps via the Snap Attach system


We hope this article has been useful in informing you of all the current choices in the “short-boots+mini-chaps” combination systems. We have provided a table that compares the different models side-by-side. We hope this will assist you in deciding what is the best combination for you.

What is your favorite boots and chaps combination? If you have any of these models, what do you like and dislike about your boots? Let us know in the comments below