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We have all felt that feeling when you enter a store and feel like a kid in a candy store? That is how our customers describe our store. We bring you the cutting edge products from helmets to breeches to spurs to boots. Whether it is the latest stirrups from Europe, or the most fashionable breeches, you will find them at TACKNRIDER. If you visit Wellington and only had to visit one tack shop, you will be glad you selected us.

Who We Are?



But we are not just a store...we are more than that. We offer the best customer service and state-of-the-art technology to help our customers. An example is the ability for you to design your custom shadbelly from home. Not just imagining what your custom shad will look like, but feeling the fabrics and trims. We will help you at every step with unbiased advice. We do not push you at all, so you can comfortably browse the entire store without pressure.

Keep in mind though that in order to try riding clothes, take at least 4 hours. We have a vast selection of riding breeches, both full seat and knee patch. We also boast the largest selection of men's riding apparel in the United States. Just to give you a broad idea, we have over 1,000 different breeches. You have been warned :-). We understand not everyone likes the same fit and designs.

In just a few short years, TACKNRIDER has established itself as the top retail destination store for equestrians in Wellington. With a thriving horse riding business, Wellington is home to the country's top show jumping circuit - Winter Equestrian Festival, the top polo circuit and the biggest dressage circuits. Professional and amateur riders alike are attracted to Wellington during the winter season.

TACKNRIDER has three locations. Our main store is open all year round. During the winter season, we have 2 additional locations: Our state-of-the-art mobile showroom at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) for show jumping and another mobile trailer at the Global Dressage Festival.   Update (as of Jan 1, 2017): We no longer have a location at Global Dressage Festival showgrounds. We invite our customers to visit our store just 2 minutes from GDF.

Our Mission

This may sound cliche, but we truly want our customers to look the best and perform the best. To that end, we bring you the most cutting edge products. From Ultra Lightweight Breeches by For Horses or the Shock Absorbing Stirrups by Flex On to Riding Helmets by KASK and Samshield to Pressure reducing bridles by Schockemoehle Sports, our list goes long. Instead of bringing you the regular brands and products that are readily available, we strive to constantly present the latest technology advancements in riding. We are pumped about exciting products that will make an impact on your riding experience.

Custom Boots, Custom Helmets and Custom Show Jackets

We firmly believe every customer is unique. This is why we are excited to offer every customer a different look. After all, you do not want to look like every other rider.

Custom Helmets

We offer a full range of custom helmets by Samshield. Whether it is the latest Rose Gold Miss Shield helmet or the Shimmer Top or the XC Carbon Fibre Helmet, we have them all in stock.

Custom Boots

We offer fully custom boots by Tucci and Secchiari. Of note is the "fully custom" part. Most boot manufacturers do not offer the "fully" part when it comes to custom boots. What does that mean? If your left foot and right foot are slightly different shape/size, that is addressed by "fully custom" boots.

Custom Show Jackets

One of the three pillars of our mission is the ever important show jacket piece. Whether you are looking for a short jacket or a long tailcoat for dressage, we will help you design a unique piece just for you. We are proud of our association with Lotus Romeo. This brand has truly introduced creativity and art to every piece of clothing (unlike the mass manufactured jackets by the other bigger brands).

We also make the process simpler. With our easy to use configurators, you can envision your custom jacket before you order it from the comfort of your home/barn. So no more guesswork.

But our mission does not end at that. In fact, that is just the beginning. We want to have Happy Satisfied customers (After all, that helps us too). We will gladly explain to you why a new product is revolutionizing vs a gimmick. If something goes wrong and we determine it was a manufacturing defect, we will work with you to fix it. We want to make it right by you. Unlike other tack shops, we do not shift the blame. We will always ask questions, collect the information and discuss solutions that are mutually beneficial. One example of this is our commitment to Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci. 95% of the time, these boots fit perfectly. There is however a small chance where the boots may not fit. To date, we have not had any unhappy customers in this case. We take care of the problem. Our relationship does not end with a sale. We will get the boots to be correctly sized and delivered to you at no additional cost. Even if that means we absorb a loss in the process.

Update as of Jan 1, 2018: We are proud to introduce another Italian bootmaker for custom and ready-to-wear boots. Secchiari of Italy produces some beautiful boots on a timely basis. Fully Custom Boots can be delivered in 4-6 weeks from order.

Whether it is custom boots or custom helmets or custom show jackets, we promise to deliver you the best experience. We make the process easier. More importantly, we will ensure that the custom merchandise is exactly what you wanted. Ask our many customers for testimonials.

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves in our personalized approach to customer service. We understand every customer is different. They all have unique needs. One size fits all just does not work in equestrian. We have made it a priority that no matter what the outcome, we continue to treat each customer in the highest regard. This commitment to wanting the best experience for our customers, defines us.

Speedy Shipping

Unlike our competition, we do not claim to have stock of items that we do not physically have. We understand you have limited time. We maintain stock and ship right away. "Free Shipping" does not imply that your order will be shipped later.

We believe in treating our customers the way we like to be treated. Our customers are delighted at the speed of shipping. The ability to receive your orders in the same week is indeed wonderful.

For some reason, if we do not have some items in stock, we will notify you immediately. We do not leave you hanging,

Our Story

Back in 1999, Vishan Ramani (an entrepreneur) started a tack business. Vishan's vision was to bring  high-quality tack to the Wellington market at an affordable price point.  Driven by his innovative streak, Vishan grew the small business by providing personal attention to the manufacturing and customer service.

TACKNRIDER first started as a vendor on the dressage shows at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in 2009. The dressage shows were organized and run by the Gold Coast Dressage Association. In 2009, TACKNRIDER made its debut on the dressage show scene. The riders were pleased with the selection and service that we offered. We built on that success and five years later, TACKNRIDER has become Wellington's finest dressage store. Some of the most exciting product lines include the Accademia Italiana Breeches and shirts.

With a solid business model set up on the dressage side, TACKNRIDER expanded towards the show jumping market in early 2012. We were the first to introduce the innovative Freejump Boots to the U.S. at the WEF. The FreeJump concept was innovative and game changing.

During the 2013-2014 WEF season, TACKNRIDER introduced its mobile showroom located in the trailer row at WEF showgrounds. It has been a huge hit. Our customers are delighted to see different and unique merchandise. The FreeJump Soft Up Pro Stirrups were so popular that they were sold out in the first 3 weeks on WEF! In addition, we fitted several riders for helmets. These riders are so pleased with our no-sales-pitch approach of helmet fitting that we have become the "best helmet fitting shop at WEF".


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