Riding Boots are an integral part of the rider’s gear. It is very important to find tall boots that are well-fitted. Otherwise, the rider will have sores and their riding experience will not be optimal. Riding boots can be off-the-shelf (also called ready-to-wear) or custom (made to measure). Tucci for example offers both options for all their riding boots. There is a ready-to-wear boot by Tucci for Dressage as well as multiple different models for Show Jumping Tall Boots. The Tucci Boots are traditional and built to last. Tucci’s bestselling models are the Harley Tall Boots and the Marilyn Tall Boots. Marilyn is available in a few different combinations of patent and regular leather.

A new trend for tall boots is the combination of half-chaps that attach to the paddock boots. Freejump was the first to create such a system. Other bootmakers have since followed suite. For example, Tucci offers its bestselling tall boots in the Harl Paddock Boots and Harl Half Chaps combination. With this combination system, you get the best of both worlds. The half chaps are soft and not as stiff as the tall boots. So the break-in period is quicker. They look like tall boots so it is hard to tell that they are paddock boots-half chaps system.