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Bits,Stirrups & Spurs

  • Walsh Leather Spur Straps

    Walsh Leather Spur Straps

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  • Walsh Soft Touch Orange Foam Bit - W5004

    Walsh Soft Touch Orange Foam Bit – W5004

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  • Walsh Riding Crop - Black

    Walsh Riding Crop

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  • Walsh leather Nylon Pelham Converters 8114Walsh leather Nylon Pelham Converters 8114

    Walsh Leather Pelham Converters (Pair)

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As the name implies, this category covers 3 different categories including Bits, Stirrups and Spurs.

There are safety stirrups and then there are Freejump Safety Stirrups. Much has been written about safety in riding. To keep it simple, the Freejump Stirrups are the clear winner for those looking to add safety to their riding equipment. There have been many imitation of the Freejump design, but Freejump continues to dominate with their original Soft Up Pro.