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Leg & Hoof Care

  • Doda Boots in BlackDoda Boots in Black

    Doda Jump Boots Original Model I Tall Hind Pressure

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  • Doda 2 Hind Boots BlackDoda 2 Hind Boots Black

    Doda 2 Short Model II Pressure Hind Jump Boots

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  • Winderen Thermo Silver Quick Dry Stable Wraps (PAIR)Winderen Thermo Silver Quick Dry Stable Wraps (PAIR)

    Winderen Thermo Silver Quick Dry Stable Wraps (PAIR)

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Leg and Hoof Care forms a critical piece of the equipment for riding. This includes, but not limited to, tendon boots, hind boots, pressure boots, bandages, wraps, ice boots, bandages etc. Tendon Boots, also called Front Boots are used for show jumping. Dressage riders instead use the Dressage Sport Boots (“DSB”). Specially shaped hind boots are used for encouraging the horse to lift its hind legs higher when jumping over a fence. It is very important that the boots be fitted correctly. This ensures full comfort and performance for the horse.

Wraps and bandages are used for turnout. Different kinds of bandages are used depending on application. There are 2 main kinds of bandages: Work Bandages and Stable Bandages. They come in a set of 2 pairs. Normally, you would need to purchase 2 packages of such bandages for each horse.

Equiline’s Quilted Leg Wraps are very popular for therapy use. They are available as a Set of 4.

Bell Boots are yet another piece of this equipment. Different sizes of bell boots are available. The traditional bell boots are made of rubber. Others are made from Neoprene, making them lighter and more comfortable. The new Anatomic Prestige Bell Boots are the latest innovative Bell Boots.