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Custom Equiline Shadbelly offers a unique and classy look

Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black

Custom Equiline Tailcoats have gained prominence, thanks to Equiline’s 3-step customizing process. With so many choices to completely customize your shadbelly, it is no surprise that more of our customers are opting to go to the custom route over the standard Equiline Cadence Shadbelly.

Owing to the ease and simplicity of customization, we have been ordering more custom Equiline shads than regular Equiline Cadence Tailcoats. Here we present some pictures of another beautiful custom Equiline Shadbelly for one of our customers. She is very pleased with the way her custom shadbelly turned out.

In this case, this is a custom shadbelly in Black. The collar and points are both in Grey. The piping around the collar and points is lined with Rhinestones. With just 3 steps, you too can get a custom look that will match the rest of your show clothes and helmet. Equiline Custom Tailcoats are easy to design, and only take 6-8 weeks for delivery!

In case you are wondering, Equiline’s custom shadbelly is machine washable!

Are you ready to design your own shadbelly? Get started now!

Design your own Custom Dressage Tailcoat by Equiline.  Or call us at 561-651-0770. If you do not live in Florida, we can ship the customization kit over to you. You will pick out your selections. We will review and assist you in the customization process. Finally, we can place the order and in  just 6 weeks, you can get your very own custom tailcoat.

Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black
Matching Rhinestone Buttons and Piping
Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black
Signature Equiline Artwork on the back of the collar
Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black
Beautiful matching rhinestone buttons and points piping
Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black
Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black with Grey Collars and Points With Rhinestones
Custom Equiline Shadbelly in Black
Gorgeous Finishing renders a clean and classy look

If you have one of these custom shadbellies, do let us know in the Comments below. How do you like it? We would love to hear from you. If you need help in picking the options, call us at 561-651-0770 or Contact Us.

How to Design your Custom Equiline Shadbelly?

Equiline Shadbelly  is the choice of the fashionista rider!