FreeJump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro with Flexible Release Single Outer Branch [HUNTER APPROVED]

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Freejump Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers (Optional)

Maximize your performance!

Protect your stirrups and your saddle with these stirrup pockets designed exclusively for Freejump stirrups


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FreeJump Stirrups Soft Up Pro : Safety Stirrups with Performance, Comfort and Stability

FreeJump Stirrups Soft Up Pro are  safety stirrups for the 21st century.  No more peacock or rubber bands needed. Freejump Stirrups are meant for easy release in the case of an accident or fall. These stirrups are shaped for each foot, i.e. left and right stirrups are not identical.  The outer branch enables release of the foot. The foot board is inclined to facilitate and encourage the correct foot position, essential for good form.

Please note that Bronze, Gold, Orange, Green and Purple colors have been discontinued now. We have no stock in these colors.


Each stirrup (left/right) weighs 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg). Together the pair weighs 2.4 lbs (1 kg)


We ship worldwide, including Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Japan etc.

Freejump Soft Up Pro versus Freejump Soft Up Pro Premium Limited Edition

There is only 1 difference between the two versions. The Soft Up Pro Premium is in Silver color, whereas the Soft Up Pro is available in Black, Red, Blue, Vanilla, Orange and Pink. Otherwise, the stirrups are identical. There is no functional difference between the Soft Up Pro and Soft Up Pro Premium. The “Premium” designation refers simply to the Silver colored outer branch of the stirrups.

Can Freejump Stirrups be used with regular (non-Freejump) Leathers? YES!

Yes, Freejump Stirrups can be used with regular leathers.  Freejump Leathers are NOT required.

What is the advantage of using Freejump Stirrup Leathers?

The advantages of using Freejump Stirrup Leathers are two fold:

  1. The Freejump Stirrup Leathers are designed to return the stirrup back to normal riding position. Say goodbye to  twisting leathers and losing the stirrup.
  2. Freejump Stirrups Leathers do not rub against your saddle. They lay flat against the saddle, avoiding any rubs.
Freejump Stirrup Leathers PRO GRIP in Brown
Freejump Stirrup Leathers PRO GRIP in Brown

 Safety Stirrups

Ask any show jumping riders what is the most important safety part of their riding gear? Unarguably, the answer is stirrups. That is why the Freejump Stirrups are designed with safety as the top priority. These are the only stirrups which help your foot free from stirrup if needed.  Freejump has revolutionized the stirrup space with this innovative product. The outer branch of the Free Jump Stirrups is made from a special flexible material called Ellastolan. This material is flexible but not soft. It is designed to release the rider in the case of a fall or accident.

Hunter Use

We do not have any specific information on whether these stirrups are allowed in hunter competition. We are aware that an effort is underway to get the Freejump stirrups approved for hunter competition. Quite a few of our hunter customers have purchased these stirrups and have been extremely pleased with the performance of Freejump stirrups.

Comfort and Stability

The wide tread base on the Free Jump Soft Up Stirrups enables a better riding position. A better riding position yields stability. Any rider will tell you stability counts. It can make the difference between a fault and no-fault ride. The comfort on this stirrup is very high also. The wider tread base provides enough space to absorb the stress of impact and landing.

The non-slip tread by LOOK CYCLE enables excellent grip and positioning.

Dressage Use

You can use these stirrups for Dressage Riding as well! We have lots of happy dressage customers that are glad they switched to Freejump Stirrups. Please check the appropriate USDF Rule Book or Authority whether you can use these in dressage shows.

Extra-Wide Tread

The Free Jump Stirrups have extra wide tread which is needed to keep the foot on the stirrup.  There are 8 stud screws in the tread for anti-slip protection. The wider tread enables better lateral stability. You will observe this huge benefit the first time you ride in your Free Jump Soft Up Pro Stirrups.

Easy-On Easy-Off Stirrup Leathers

Continuing along its innovative trend, Free Jump has added one more ease-of-use feature. The stirrups have an open eye for fastening the Free Jump Stirrup Leather with 45 degree angled eye for a perfect foot position. This means no more tying and untying the stirrup leathers. The stirrup leathers are designed to not twist and stay in place. The stirrups leathers are designed to return the stirrup back to its stable position, no matter what.

Freejump Stirrups + Freejump Stirrup Leathers = Winning Combination

You can buy both the Freejump Stirrups and Freejump Stirrup Leathers bundle in one shot.

International Shipping

We ship all over the globe. Please Contact Us if you have specific questions or need special accommodations. In the past, we have shipped stirrups to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and many other Asian countries.

Read More about why Freejumps are the safest stirrups.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in

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5 reviews for FreeJump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro with Flexible Release Single Outer Branch [HUNTER APPROVED]

  1. Lucas (verified owner)

    I ordered these 3 days ago and already received them. I tried them on today and they live up to their promise. Definitely grippy!
    The safety feature is an added bonus.

  2. Ronnie M (verified owner)

    Thank you for the super efficient shipping! Very happy to receive these stirrups on time since I was traveling overseas so I needed them in time.
    The stirrups are super grippy. A bit heavier than my last stirrups. Let me just say that these are the best performing stirrups I have ever had. You just do not lose these stirrups. My heel stays down. My foot fits nicely in the wide foot base of these stirrups. The safety component is an added plus. Definitely recommend these stirrups. I also purchased the matching Freejump Stirrup Leathers as well.

  3. Connie M (verified owner)

    First off, thank you for sending these out so quickly! I appreciate the super fast shipping. I was pleased to see them on my doorstep just 3 days after I placed my order.
    So I took the plunge and purchased both the Freejump stirrups as well as the matching Freejump stirrup leathers. So far, I have been absolutely pleased with the quality of the stirrups. I bought them back in May, 2017. The stirrup leathers really help quite a bit with preventing the twisting of the leathers. A big plus is that my saddle does not have any marks from the stirrup leathers.
    One added bonus was the grippy rubber insert that came with the stirrup leathers. It really enhanced the grip. All in all, I’d definitely recommend both the stirrups and the leathers.

  4. Gina M (verified owner)

    My only regret about these stirrups is not having bought them sooner! These are truly the finest stirrups for show jumping. They help improve your foot positioning. The sticky grip makes sure you will not lose your stirrup. I absolutely love these stirrups. The other day, when I rode in my friend’s saddle without Freejump stirrups, it was odd to say the least. These stirrups are well worth the price. I have had mine for almost 6 months now.

  5. Symantha M (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 such stirrupsin the Navy color. I have to say the stirrups deliver on every promise. They are costly, but totally worth it! The balance on these stirrups is amazing. Add to that, the safety element is invaluable. My foot does not slip out of the stirrup anymore. The only thing I wished was if I could easily run the stirrups up the saddle when not in use. You just have to flip them over to the opposite side.

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