Introducing Samshield 2.0 Helmets

Samshield 2.0 Helmet Miss Shield Shadow Matt

After a decade of market domination, Samshield is now releasing their 2.0 line of helmets. We are super excited to partner with Samshield on this huge milestone. In this post, we cover the background/history of Samshield helmets, the evolution of the Samshield brand and most notably their new line of 2.0 Helmets. Samshield Helmets (1.0) …

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Equestrian Safety First : Why It Matters?

Freejump Equestrian Airbag Safety Vest "Zip'In 2" Standalone

There has recently been a spat of random accidents of horse riding. Fortunately, most of these incidents have been trivial. The sport of horse riding (show jumping in particular) has become faster with better horses and better riding ability in general. The bar is being raised constantly. Add to that, the complexity of the variations …

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Airbag Safety Jackets For Equestrian Riding: All You Wanted To Know

Helite Safety Airbag Zip'In

Airbag Safety Jackets (vests, long sleeve jackets and show jackets) have become quite popular this year. We had brought a few in before prior to this season. However, with the upcoming WEF circuit, we have noticed that there is an uptick in the demand for these jackets. If you are in the market for one …

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