Introducing Samshield 2.0 Helmets

After a decade of market domination, Samshield is now releasing their 2.0 line of helmets. We are super excited to partner with Samshield on this huge milestone. In this post, we cover the background/history of Samshield helmets, the evolution of the Samshield brand and most notably their new line of 2.0 Helmets.

Samshield Helmets (1.0)

Back(2010-2011) in the old era of riding helmets, Samshield was a young upstart. GPA Helmets and Charles Owen Helmets were ubiqutous. The GPA helmets were particularly popular with the show jumping riders. The GPA Helmets were know for their sleek styling and light weight.

Along comes Samshield in 2010. Their new helmets has some big advantages over the existing crop of riding helmets. The most important innovation was the use of removable (and washable) inner liners. The helmets at the time came with fixed liners that could not be removed. Samshield Helmets offered to change this. Not only was this a great move (hygiene wise), but it also impacts safety. With the traditional helmets, the foam padding/liner would wear out and lose its shape over time. This would result in poor fit, which directly impacts safety.

With compelling looks and removable liners, Samshield quite quickly became the helmet of choice for equestrian use. The rest is history. The Samshield brand became synonymous with classic looks with superior comfort.

Samshield Helmets – Hundreds Of Choices for Customization

The brand continued to respond to the needs of riders. They launched a helmet line specifically intended for use in the Hunter ring. The riders received their “Alcantara (aka Suede)” helmets with open arms.

Miss Shield Helmets – Wide Brim

Back in 2015-2016, Samshield introduced their “Miss Shield” model. This was a much anticipated helmet. The wide brim provided better sun protection and finer aesthetics. Since its launch, the “Miss Shield Shadow Matt Helmet” has become the defacto standard wide brim. It is the #1 selling helmet model of all times. The pure simplicity and elegance of this helmet is unmatched.

Samshield 2.0 Helmets

Fast forward to 2024, Samshield is now launching the second generation of their popular helmet line. This is the “2.0” line.

What Changes in Samshield 2.0 Helmets

  • Better Ventilation
  • Inside Liner
  • Sizing and Fit
  • Ergonomics

There is a lot to unpack here, so we will take it one step at a time. Let us get started:


The design of the 2.0 helmets allows even better ventilation and airflow. The aerodynamic design of the shell enables this improvement.

Inside Liner

Notably, the liner of the 2.0 helmets is NOT compatible with the 1.0 helmets. Vice Versa. You can not use your 1.0 helmet liner in the 2.0 helmet and vice versa.

Sizing and Fit

The fit is expected to change as Samshield is now adding a few larger sizes to the helmet. The 2.0 Helmets will be available in 4 different shell sizes. Here is the span of the sizing for each shell:

Samshield 2.0 Helmet Size Chart
Samshield 2.0 Helmet Size Chart

That is correct, a new XL shell size to accomodate sizes 7 5/8 through 8. That is 4 new sizes.


The new 2.0 helmet has a leg up on all the current helmet designs. You can see the back part of the helmet looks even more sleeker. The front blazon has been slightly modified as well.


If you are looking to try the new 2.0 helmets from Samshield, please contact us. We expect these helmets to arrive April 30, 2024. We are thrilled and excited!

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