Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci

Dressage is the “highest expression of horse training”.  It requires the fullest potential of both the horse and rider. The idea is for the horse to respond smoothly to the rider’s minimal aids. The tall boots become an integral part of these rider’s aids. It is through them that the rider directs the mount to perform specific actions.

It is urgent to be fitted with dressage boots. Dressage Boots also have to appear a certain look. The outside of the boots has to be tall and not droopy. Tucci is known for its fine worksmanship. Tucci has made a reputation for itself as a respected name in the custom boots industry. They provide Tucci Dressage Boots Styles to pick from. Choice of leather versus patent leather is available. Also, you can adorn the top outside of the boots with a band of patent leather. Swarovski Crystals can also be added to any of the models.

We present to you our collection of custom dressage boots for  dressage. If you are interested in designing your own custom dressage boots, call/text 561-228-8883. We are constantly adding new pictures to this gallery, so check back often.

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