Apparel & Gear

This broad category covers riding shirts, riding pants/breeches, riding show shirts, riding show jackets. While there are numerous different brands and models of equestrian wear, it is important to select what best fits your criteria. This will often depend on your environmental factors (including, but not limited to local weather), fit and personal preference. As it is with fashion wear, fit comes first with equestrian show clothing. What may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. We all have different body types and shapes. Most of the Italian sourced clothing runs a bit on the small side. Similarly, the German sourced clothing runs a bit bigger in the waist and thigh area.

This category also includes accessories such as Riding Socks, Stock Ties, Gloves and Men’s Riding Ties. These items complete the rider’s wardrobe. Different pieces of clothing are needed for show versus schooling. For example, white riding pants are often used for competition.