eQuick eVysor Equine Goggles Sunglasses For Horses

5.00 out of 5
(6 customer reviews)


  • UV protection (ideal for uveitis and other eye injuries)
  • Protection from dirt, debris, dust
  • Made In Italy

Estimated Delivery Date: Friday 26th April


6 reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    My horse had headshakers related to allergies we’ve tried a nose net and he still seems to struggle on the extra sunny days. Would this help with that? What color would be best for his situation? Has anyone used these for that before?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Alexis
      In 80% of the cases, the headshaking problem is resolved by these “eVysor” goggles. In 20% of the cases, there is decent improvement.
      We recommend “Darker/Black” for the color of the lens. Hope this helps!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lynnsy B

    I have a barrel horse with cataracts and was debating about trying these for him. I am just unsure if they would be right for him.
    Can they be used indoors and outdoors? Or would it be too much to have on in an indoor arena?
    What color lenses work better for horses with cataracts?
    What’s your return policy or do you have one if the horse didn’t respond well?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Lynnsy
      Manufacturer recommends Mirrored Green (Indoor and Outdoor) or Mirrored Rainbow (Outdoor). Yes, these goggles can be used indoors and outdoors.
      Please note NO Returns/No Exchanges/No Refunds.

  3. Sara

    Which colour lens is best for horse with uveitis for ridden dressage work, sand arenas and beach work. Very sunny on coast with high UV where we are. And if this is the darker lens option do they give the same visibility as the tinted lens? Also, are there any blind spots for the horse when in use?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Sara
      Dark Lens would be the most effective.

  4. Debra Tamcke

    what lense is good for snow glare with uveitus

    • Amit Ramani


  5. Elizabeth Humphreys

    Would these protect a horse from a polo ball?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Elizabeth
      Yes, the eVysor does protect from polo balls. We have quite a few customers that have deployed the eVysor in Polo.

  6. Michele Weaver

    Is it hard for the horse to see out of the mirrored rainbow in the shade?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Michele
      To the best of our knowledge, the eVysor (regardless of lens color) does not block vision. It is mostly a protective device. Think of this as sunglasses for the horse, it cuts down the glare and UV dramatically. Hope that helps!

  7. alma

    are these sealed can flies get under?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Alma
      To the best of our knowledge, it would be difficult for flies to get under, as the frame of the sunglasses fits quite snug. Hope that helps!

    • Adrienne

      Hi, If they operate like sunglasses for horses, does that mean the tint colours block out glare, or are the tint colours more a cosmedic thing and the sun protection factor is in the actual lens itself. Hope that makes sense :) Thank You.

      • Amit Ramani

        Hi Adrienne
        The tint colors do make a difference in how much light travels through the lens. In general, the transparent tint color lets the most light through (98%), while the Darker tint color lets the least light through (10%). Hope that helps answer your question. As with any other sunglasses (goggles), the less the amount of light through means reduced glare.

    • Cammi

      What is the best color lease for uvitis?

      • Amit Ramani

        We recommend Black for Uveitis.

  8. Carolina

    For photo sensitivity, which color should I get?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Carolina
      Per the manufacturer, the “Dark/Black” is recommended for maximum protection for photo-sensitivity.
      Hope that helps!

  9. Alli

    Jumping in his glasses.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Our cremello is happy and comfortable in these. Today he was squinting and missed seeing a jump, we put his glasses on and he was straight over, eyes open. He still squints a bit in direct sunlight with them on but he’s much improved. I bought the blue lenses to match his eyes.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Kassie Tabor (verified owner)

    I got these for my 2 Appaloosa geldings who have white around their eyes. We live at the coast and have lots of sun. Tried these out and absolutely loved them. They were a hit with my gelding. He rode so much better and had no random spooks like he does in the bright sun. I ordered another pair so my boys don’t have to share.

    • Mike Allison

      Looks good, but going to look into somebody put the lens in a set of horse blinkers that’s used in horse racing, to use on my barrel horse. Think the blue lens be the best, coming in and out of sun light to the arena.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Meg M. (verified owner)

    My horse seems to really like. Fit is great the elastic straps are fantastic. My horse acts like he sees everything with out any problem. I even think that he thinks he cool! It came with a nice case for storing when not in use.

    • Amit Ramani

      Thanks for the feedback! It helps us and other equestrians.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Virginia Cic (verified owner)

    Scratches more easily than the visor that cost $70.00 less and I think our horse can’t see well if it is cloudy or dark outside. I like the elastic straps for a better fit. Stays in place well.
    I can see fine through it but our horse acts like he can’t.
    So I will reorder the tinted visor and use this only on extremely sunny days.

    • Patrick Hayes

      I need the opposite my horse can’t see as good in darker arenas wish there was something to make things brighter for him

      • Amit Ramani

        Sorry, not sure if these goggles can help your horse.

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An innovative new product from eQuick, the same company that brought you the popular eUP Pressure Boots. The “eVysor” is an innovative horse visor (sunglasses/goggles) with UV Protection. With the use of adjustable elastic straps, the Visor fits easily over the ears and clips under the jaw. The visor can be fit on top of the bridle. The “eVysor” is the most effective tool for eye protection for horses. This includes but is not limited to Uveitis.

What is the equick eVysor: Sunglasses for Horses

simply speaking, these are “Sunglasses For Horses”. Just like you protect your eyes from the UV rays, dirt, glare etc, the eVysor does all that for your horses’ eyes. Better still, the eVysor forms a nice seal around the eyes area to enable full protection.

Protect your horse while riding. These can be thought of as the “Oakley” sunglasses for the horses. The visor is effective for protection from bright sun, UV rays, wind, dust and debris.

This new eVysor offers maximum protection for your horse’s eyes. Due to the revolutionary design of this eVysor, it offers a 360° protection for the eyes of your horse.

What is eVysor Equine Goggles Sunglasses useful for?

  • Recovery after eye surgery
  • Uveitis
  • Eye Injury
  • Cataracts
  • Photo Sensitivity
  • Glaucoma
  • Eye Scratching
  • Head Shaking
  • Eye protection from Sand/Water etc
  • Sun Protection
  • Wind Protection
  • 100% UV Protection

Instructions For Use

For first use, adjust carefully the 2 fastener straps paying attention at the position of the eyes. They must be centered on the lenses. During normal conditions, they are stable and comfortable. Eventual holes between the horse and the foam are accepted and optimal for extra ventilation.

Do NOT Leave the horse unattended while wearing the eVysor. Do it under your supervision. Designed for use during riding only and when your horse is supervised.

What is the differences between the lens colors?

Luminous Transmittance (Amount Of Light That Passes Through):

Transparent 98.08%
Mirrored Orange 46.28%
Mirrored Blue 42.63%
Mirrored Rainbow 19.85%
Mirrored Green 38.41%
Darker 10.45%

As the above chart indicates, “Dark” lens provide the most protection from UV rats for the horses eyes.

Filter Category:

Transparent 0
Mirrored Orange 1
Mirrored Blue 2
Mirrored Green 2
Mirrored Rainbow 2
Darker 3

Can I Ride with the eVysor On?

Yes, you can. Please make sure it is fitted correctly at all times.

Can I leave my horse un-attended with the eVysor on?

No. Leaving the horse un-attended with the eVysor on is risky.

Cleaning Instructions

Clean the lenses with soap and water or microfiber cloth. Consider them as normal sunglasses lenses. Do NOT use solvents of Alcohol.


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