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Paddock Boots

Paddock Boots also called short boots reach only above the ankle, unlike tall boots. The paddock boots can be used for working around in the barn or used for riding when combined with half chaps. Most of the newer paddock boots feature a system whereby the chaps can be attached, providing a cleaner look and secure fit. This trend was first started by Freejump. Nowadays, most of the bigger boot makers have begun making such paddock-boots-half chaps combination systems.

A variety of different paddock boots are available. Some with double zipper like the classic Tucci Paddock Boots, others with the traditional front single zipper. The Harl Paddock by Tucci does not feature any zippers, instead featuring double elastic panels on both sides. The Marilyn Paddock Boots by Tucci feature a zipper on the back of the boot, which is almost invisible. It allows for easy-on easy off.

One of the most comfortable and “broken-in” paddock boots are the Freejump Liberty Boots. These can be connected with the Freejump Liberty Half Chaps to double up as tall boots. Yet another paddock boots from Freejump is the Freejump Liberty XC Boots. Similar to the Liberty model, these boots can be connected to the Liberty XC Mini Chaps.

The Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots are the most innovative paddock boots ever.