Acavallo Stirrups Safety Arena ALUPLUS


  • Stress Actuated Locking and Release Mechanism
  • Safety Stirrups
  • Relief from pain in ankles, sole, knees and hips

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 22nd May



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The latest iteration of the Acavallo Safety Stirrups “Arena ALUPLUS” is now available.

These stirrups are one-tone color scheme. i.e. the escape branch and frame are the same color.

The bow of the stirrup is made from Aluminium, keeping the stirrup light. The outer release (safety) branch is made from a poly amide material. These stirrups are designed to release the rider’s foot without injury. The hinge for the outer branch is positioned at the top to prevent sand from collecting inside. The footrest is grippy, yet easy to clean. The inlets inside the footrest allow for easy cleaning.


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