ANKY Horse Boots Cooling Dressage Bling Crystals


  • Latest Climate Control Technology
  • Keeps your horse cool
  • Lightweight means higher performance

Estimated Delivery Date: Friday 26th April

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Use the latest that technology has to offer. That is exactly the promise of the ANKY Climate Control Technical Dressage Crystal Boots. After all, these boots weren’t  awarded “Horse Product Of The Year” award for nothing. With the metallic icons that line the inside the boots, your horse’s legs stay cool.

Cool Metallic Heat Dispensing System

This heat dispensing system works efficiently to remove the heat away. One touch inside the horse boots will tell you why this is good for your horse.

Anky Climatrole Climate Control Horse Boots - Inside View
Anky Horse Boots – Inside View shows metal Ions

These technical dressage boots are light weight and Machine Washable. Please follow all Care Instructions to prevent any damage.  The triple velcro closure mechanism enables a secure fit.


The Climatrol Boots are available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Small size has 2 velcro straps, Medium size has 3 velcro straps and Large size has 4 velcro straps.  Please note that the Large size is 12″ in height measured from the top edge to the bottom edge of the boot.

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