Bling Browband Sapphire Crystals Wave Design Snap-On Easy On/Off by VRTACK


  • Universal Snap-On Design allows easy attach/detach
  • High Quality Leather construction

Estimated Delivery Date: Friday 24th May

Full Size


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Bling Browband with Sapphire Crystals Wave Design Snap-On Easy On/Off. Don’t waste time by removing and taking the bridle apart just to switch the browband. Now, with the easy snap-on/off design, you can simply replace the browband.


The browband is available in 2 sizes: Cob and Full Size. The sizing is standard.

Color Options

4 different variations of Sapphire Crystal arrangements are available: All Sapphire, Sapphire Interlaced with Clear Crystals, Sapphire Interlaced with Black Crystals, Sapphire Interlaced with Red Crystals

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