eQuick Encouragement Hind Boots with Weights “EVO500” [SALE]


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  1. Anne-Marie

    I can see these are ‘Encouragement’ boots…can you please give me an idea of the level of protection they offer (which is what hind boots are actually for)?
    Many thanks

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Get ready to compete at the next level with these new encouragement hind boots by eQuick. The newest innovation by eQuick features double shell construction along with interchangeable weights.

Weights chart:

eVo only 200 grams

small weight 160 grams

big weight 270 grams


eVo + small wheight 360 grams

eVo + big weight 470 grams

Designed and developed according to FEI JUMPING RULES 26th edition, updated march 2021 see JRs 257.2.3

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