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FreeJump Safety Stirrups Children’s Soft Up Lite


  • Ships SAME Day from Wellington, FL (No Waiting)
  • Designed Exclusively for Children
  • Children and young riders (less than 130 lbs).

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 6th December



Following up on the huge success of its marquee product, Free Jump presents the perfect safety stirrups for children. The Soft up Lite Stirrups retain all the safety and performance parameters of the Soft Up Pro Stirrups.  The Freejump Soft Up Lite stirrups are the perfect stirrups for kids and young riders. They provide unparalleled safety and balance.

Just like a helmet provides safety, the Freejump Soft Up Lite are the ideal safety stirrups, exclusively designed for children and young riders. These stirrups are extremely popular in Europe and are now becoming the stirrups of choice for younger riders in the US.

The stirrups are ideal for younger riders, because of the smaller treads. Just like the Soft Up Pro, these stirrups come in 7 different exciting colors : Silver, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Chocolate and Yellow. The stirrups are individual left and right stirrups, for optimal fit and performance.

Safety, Performance, Resistance and Reliability

Designed for the young champions, the SOFT UP LITE is a single branch stirrups reduced in size directly inspired from the SOFT UP PRO. With the same outside flexible branch system to generate maximum safety, the SOFT UP LITE is 100% injected with elastan molded fiberglass loaded with polyacrylamide. The 10.7 cm tread width fits soles not exceeding 10.2 cm (in average shoe sizes upto EU 39/ UK 6 / US mens 7 / US women 7).

The SOFT UP LITE boasts the same features which made the performance of the SOFT UP PRO: An open eye for fastening to the single-strap freejump stirrup leathers with a 45 ° angle for  perfect foot position. Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope. Rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge for better stability. Exclusive LOOK CYCLE technology nonslip studded tread surface.

Customization Options

Removable PINs are available to attach to the other branch for customizing the stirrups.


The elasticity engineered in the construction of the freejump stirrups brings an incomparable comfort to the riders’ joints and horses/ponies’ backs.

Free Jump Stirrup Leathers

These new Free Jump Soft Up Lite stirrups can be used with the Free Jump Stirrup Leathers. In fact, just like the Free Jump Soft Up Pro Stirrups, you can use your existing regular (non Free Jump) stirrup leathers  as well. Keep in mind that with the Free Jump Stirrup Leathers, your stirrups will always return back to the resting position and the leathers will lay flat against the saddle. Please note that the use


One year warranty applies in normal condition of use and maintenance and does not cover any damage caused by improper use, accident or abuse. It is forbidden to dismantle the stirrups as this will cancel the warranty. In the event of warranty claim, return shipping costs will be refunded against a valid receipt (express shipping charges will not be refunded).

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