Poponcini Hack A Bit Hackamore Soft Blue Rubber


  • Poponcini Hackabit
  • Soft Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Available in Black and Blue

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 22nd May

125mm / 5"
135mm / 5.25"
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Poponcini Hack A Bit with Soft Rubber is a Hackamore bit from the popular line of Blue Poponcini Rubber Bits. Note these are “Harmony 1” Soft Bits.


The Poponcini bits are available in the following sizes

  1. Size 3 – 5 inches (125 mms)
  2. Size 4 – 5 1/4 inches (135 mms)
  3. Size 5 – 5 3/4 inches (145 mms)

Made In Italy

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