Poponcini Bit Snaffle Loose Ring with Metal Inserts Harmony 1


  • Poponcini Blue Soft Rubber Loose Ring Bit
  • Simple Snaffle

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 28th February

125mm / 5"
135mm / 5.25"


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A TACKNRIDER exclusive. You gave us feedback, we listened. Now, your favorite Poponcini bits come with metal inserts on both ends. This makes them a bit more sturdy.

The Poponcini Snaffle Loose Ring Harmony Blue Rubber Bit is the most popular of the “blue rubber bits”. The rings are 50mm size. Please note that these bits are “Harmony 1” Soft.


The Poponcini bits are available in the following sizes

  1. Size 3 – 5 inches (125 mms)
  2. Size 4 – 5 1/4 inches (135 mms)
  3. Size 5 – 5 3/4 inches (145 mms)

Made In Italy

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Poponcini bits. For horses that do not accept a metal bit, the Poponcini “Harmony” bits offer a great solution. This snaffle bit is suitable for horses with a strong mouth. It is re-inforced to allow the ring to rotate.

The soft texture of the mouthpiece prevents the horse from pulling and fighting the contact.

The bit is available in Harmony-1 Medium Flexibility. Available in 2 Color options: Black and Blue (color does not make any difference for performance)

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