Samshield Helmet Premium Suede Alcantara


  • Premium Samshield Helmet with Alcantara Top or Leather Top
  • Pick from 4 colors: Black, Brown, Grey and Blue
  • Replacement Liners available

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 6th March

USA 7 3/8 / EU 59
USA 7 1/2 / EU 60
USA 7 5/8 / EU 61
USA 6 3/8 / EU 51
USA 7 1/4M/EU 58M
USA 6 1/2 / EU 52
USA 7 1/8L/EU 57L
USA 6 5/8 / EU 53
USA 6 7/8S/EU 55S
USA 6 3/4 / EU 54
USA 6 7/8 / EU 55
USA 7/EU 56
USA 7 1/8 / EU 57
USA 7 1/4 / EU 58

OPTIONAL: Soless Visor For Extra Sun UV Protection

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Samshield Premium Helmet combines state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated style. This riding helmet offers superior comfort by not having any contact or pressure on the forehead. It conforms to the head and doesn’t compress. Stylish design offers exceptional ventilation under the visor. The liner insert is constructed of memory foam that conforms to the head. A leather harness that provides a secure, comfortable fit!

#1 Show Helmet for Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunters, Equitation

Whatever your riding discipline may be, the Samshield Premium Helmet is the show helmet of choice. For Equitation and hunter riders, the Alcantara top Premium helmet is recommended.  Dressage riders have a wide variety of options to pick from, including the Shadow Matte Swarovski 5 stone, Shadow Matte Swarovski 255 stones, Samshield Flower Top helmets. Some of the top riders in the world are using Samshield Helmets.

What makes the Samshield Helmet so versatile

The Samshield Premium Helmet is made from a special fabric called “Alcantara“. This fabric is sturdy. It combines form and function in the best way. The Premium liner that comes with this helmet is shaped in a way to provide just enough comfort, so as not to press on the forehead. In fact, there is no contact on the front part of the forehead, eliminating any pressure points. This helmet has been designed with the highest emphasis on ergonomics.

Two Top Options

Samshield has just announced that the Premium helmet comes in two top options: Leather Top and Alcantara Top. You can see the pictures below for the difference.

Samshield Premium Helmet in Alcantara or Leather Top Options
Samshield Premium Helmet in Alcantara or Leather Top Options


Two Different Liners Available

Note that the liners of the Samshield Premium Helmet and Samshield Shadow Matt Helmets are interchangeable. Another brilliant design move by Samshield. This means that you can use either the Shadow Matt liner (full liner) that makes contact all around or the Premium Liner. Quite often, some riders prefer the Shadow Matt liner for its extra padding and all around contact.


Samshield is also the first to introduce a revolutionary concept of sizing. Instead of having helmets in each separate size, they create helmet shells in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The liners come in different sizes ranging from 6 3/8 to 7 3/4. The combination of the Helmet Shell and Liner provides a custom-like fit. For example, suppose your head size is 56 cms. This will be equivalent to Helmet Size 56. As such, the Samshield Liner Size 56 (7 1/8) will be used within the Medium Shell helmet.

Samshield Helmet Size Chart

Shell Size

Size (inches)

Size (cms)

Small 6 1/2 52
Small 6 5/8 53
Small 6 3/4 54
Medium 6 7/8 55
Medium 7 56
Medium 7 1/8 57
Large 7 1/4 58
Large 7 3/8 59
Large 7 1/2 60
Large 7 5/8 61


Sporty Backpack Included

When you buy the Samshield Premium Helmet, you get a sporty and sturdy backpack to carry your helmet. It can even double up as a groom bag.  It has so many pockets and zippers providing you plenty of storage for your keys, wallet, cellphone, etc. It is a sling-back style bag.

Safety Certifications

The Samshield Helmets are ASTM and SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) certified.

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