Schockemoehle Sports Double Bridle Head Piece [SALE]


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  • Easily converts snaffle to double bridle
  • Extra Soft Leather
  • Select and Mix

Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday 5th March

Full Size
Extra Full

Reins (Optional)

Optionally, select a set of reins for your dressage bridle


Curb Reins (Optional)


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An innovative piece of tack from Schockemoehle Sports. The Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Padded Headpiece Crown for Double Bridles with adjustable Throatlatch  can be easily attached to any other bridle’s cheek pieces and noseband to convert a snaffle bridle into a double bridle easily!

Simply replace the headpiece and voila, you have a double bridle! No more needing to improvise or add extra pieces of tack.

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