Schockemoehle Sports Bridle “Milton” Anatomic Double Dressage


  • 2022 Dressage Bridle
  • Anatomic “Equitus” Family
  • Pre-Shaped 2″ wide crank noseband

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 17th April

Full Size

Reins (Optional)

Optionally, select a set of reins for your dressage bridle

Curb Reins (Optional)


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Welcome to the newest member of the hugely popular anatomic family of dressage bridles by Schockemoehle Sports, “Milton”. We are pleased to announce this latest addition. The “Milton” bridle features the same anatomic headpiece from the Equitus line.

Whats New

  • Tapered Noseband
  • Padded D Rings (for extra comfort)
  • Pre-Shaped Crank Noseband (50 mm/2 inches wide)
  • Browband Crystals alternate small and large size

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