Silver Crown Noseband Spider Figure 8 Drop Combo


  • Double Noseband : Flash and Figure 8
  • Made from English Leather
  • Padded round-raised leather

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 28th February

Full Size
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  1. Jocelyn

    What size does the Spider figure eight noseband come in? it doesnt state sizes like con, pony, warmblood, OS?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Jocelyn
      The Spider Figure 8 noseband is available in only FULL Size. We have now added clarification. Thank you for pointing it out to us.

    • Amit Ramani

      Spider noseband is available only in Full/Horse size. It is not available in any other sizes.

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The Spider Noseband by Silver Crown is another innovative noseband. It is a double noseband, combines both Flash and Figure 8 nosebands. It restricts the sideways movement of the horse’s mouth. The flash is designed to operate independently. This noseband is made from English Leather. Only available in Australian Nut color.


The Silver Crown Spider Figure 8 Noseband is only available in Full Size.


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